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Last year a girl killed herself under mysterious cirumstances, soon the new school counselor will meet eight troubled people that know more than they seem.

Drama / Mystery
F. Edgarsson
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They say everybody has problems and that nobody is as happy as they claim to be, every attempt of being positive when trouble ensnares us is nothing but a denial derived from the fear of being sad that we have as part of the survival instinct.

When we suffer we become selfish, we believe to be the center of the world and that everything happening around us is somehow related to our disgrace, our perspective gets blurred and we become savages, slaves of pain.
We’re capable of everything to end our suffering, we would give everything to feel peaceful again and the same irrational behavior happens when you’re in love.

Love isn’t desire; love is protection, desire is nothing but lust and lust brings nothing but pain.

How to difference between love and lust? If you pull a flower out of the rosebush just because you liked it, because it’s pretty; not caring if it will die in two days because all you wanted was to satisfy your material desire of possession calling it yours, then you’re in lust; but if instead you water the bush everyday hoping to see it’s flowers, not caring about the spines it might snatch in your fingers, you’re loving.

¿Are you a gardener or are you a florist?

Love enslaves as much as suffering does, it becomes every human’s addiction; it makes you dependent, gives you joy and pain at the same time, it blinds you and makes you do things that you wouldn’t do otherwise, furthermore, the kind of pain love produces is still worth it because the happiness it brings along is strong enough to ease pain but how to love without becoming selfish? If when you give someone your love you expect the same thing back, are you doing it in the name of love or just because you’re addicted to the endorphins that receiving it produces? Is it love tough? Loving is freedom, knowing how to love is also knowing how to let go and accept the pain that loss brings; love is given without expecting anything back and it should be given by heart, unconditionally.
When love is true you never regret it but just like love builds it also destroys, it takes only one mistake, one wrong decision and everything can blow away.

In life we make decisions all the time, it’s amazing how everything can change for an apparently insignificant choice we make; the impact that something you say has in somebody else, something you say or don’t say, the actions made or held back, the lies believed and the untold truths.

We all have a story behind who we are today and that’s why I will tell you the story of some people I met a few years back, we were all so different and similar at the time but we all had something in common, we all fell in that beautiful disgrace called love.

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