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When the graduate Julia Hale is thrown into the MYSTERIOUS world, will she give into the cold blooded monster Xavier brook or fate has different path for her. With an arrange marriage on head, lives at stake, will the rebellious Julia face her worst nightmares or will she she go down path of doom. Will he fall for her, or will he kill his only weakness. Run while you can. Hide if you can. #mature-themed.

Drama / Fantasy
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Life is beautiful,sometimes sunny, sometimes dark. But this is the beauty of life. It is unexpected.



“Congratulations, Janice”

I could hear a loud and clear voice screaming atop her lungs, while I stand there awkwardly looking at the professor swallowing down my uneasiness and plastering my face with a smile. God this woman! She will never be quite. Even after spending more than 20 years of my life with her, I am still not used to her me calling out from the crowd. It should be clear by now, which specie on the planet can do like this, mom!

“Your mom seems very excited about you receiving a degree miss Hale, I bet she is the most proud parent at present in the auditorium.”

As much as I love to admit that my mother indeed must be one the most proud parent, I would also like to mention a fact here, that sometimes it’s better to be a little quite. But Mitchell Hale is one fierce woman. Other than my dad, I have seen no man in or out of the family mess with her.

“Indeed she is, after all her daughter has graduated from college, with Straight A’s. Any parent would be Mr. Hoffner. I am glad she is here to support me.”

With that I take my degree and with a smile walk off the stage to my designated seat. The degree function continued. As I sat in my seat, I can’t help but wonder over my turbulent thoughts. Degree is in my hand. I almost feel overwhelmed by this. I will be an adult in true sense. I have to start working, start earning. With all these thoughts in my head time passed by. I approached the one with bright hazel eyes and striking blonde hair with the figure that any woman would envy.

“My baby girl has grown up to be a fine woman, come here give your mumma a kiss”

Mom never fails to make my day cheerful. Her quirky words and attitude will blow your mind.

“Mom, you came! I thought I was going to miss you and dad........”

Until then I realized that what I missed is dad, he did not come. Heaviness settled in my heart. This is not the first time he missed an important day from me.

“you know hon’ he loves you right, your papa has some urgent meeting to finish. Don’t worry baby, he will be at the dinner along with your sister.”

Even though mom is right, dad almost is never home. He is travelling around the world, making money but, I just wish sometimes he would sit and enjoy with us having good family time. At the mentioned of my sister, my face turns sour. She was nothing but a bully to me. Always hanging with the hoodlums group. I wonder on whom she took on in the family. Mom is almost never angry on her, I wonder why.

“I know mom, I am glad u came. Let’s go have a cup of cold coffee in my favorite café. They sell amazing cookies and coffee. The cashier there knows me, we might get a discount”

Cheerfully we both strolled out of the campus of the university and just around the block, we came to the Sofia’s. I choose a booth far from the crowd and settled in.

“can I have your order please” Bethany chirped in.

“yeah sure, one iced Frappuccino, and hazelnut cookies, what about you mum?”

She was in deep thought. I touched her hand. She jerked behind as if she was electrocuted by my touch. She brushed of her haze and ordered

“one ice Frappuccino, and sparkling water please”

“are you okay mom, you sure were not when I touched you”

she was still reeling from what I just asked. She seemed like, she wanted to tell me something. I knew her look when she wanted to say something, but I never till date understood. Was it her lack of words or her lack of expression that made it difficult for her to say?

“Julia, there is this one meeting or you can say dinner, tonight with some of the business clients of your dad, that I would require you to attend.”

I absorbed what she just enlightened me with. I never like to attend these highly corporate business meetings that my dad thinks are important. But this is what he thinks, and my thinking is miles away. I believe from what the seminars I got to attend during my college days, these corporate people are just not worth all the drama, they are some babbling buffoons who think highly of themselves. But know this mentality will not take me anywhere other than La La Lands. I have to face it. In such volatile economic times, you got to do things u despise.

“okay mom I will come, when and where?”

“7 pm, Santana Row Hotel, wear a nice formal dress honey.”

I smiled at her. After sending her away and promising her that I will be there at the party a hundredth time, I spent some more time in Sofia’s. As I headed towards the exit. I was finding my car keys, rummaging through my bag, I bumped into someone, and I apologized for my mistake. I was about to walk past when,

“This is not how you apologize miss. Manners!”

I was in such a hurry, and my keys had to just disappear somewhere in that clumsy bag of mine. Still trying to find on the keys I apologized again and was about to leave I heard a chuckle.

“We will meet soon, miss hale”

Shiver ran down my spine, how this man knew man name. At the same time I found my car keys, I quickly looked up but there was no one in front of me just big glass doors and sunny street outside. I wonder what that was all about as I headed into the bustling city street. It is going to be along night.

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