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just want everyone to understand me. my dreams have been ripped away from me. I was about to be a pro soccer player but now I'm in a wheelchair because of a boy that was bulling my friend. will hope ever walk again or will she give up?

Drama / Romance
Danielle Martin
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My name is Heather Anderson. I was an honors kid in school. Everyone called me the poplar nerd because I was that smart. One Day when I was in school one of my friends called my name. may is my best friend. May what is wrong? I got jumped again by Lisa and her bitches. I am going to handle this because that is not right. Nobody bullies my bestie when I am around. I knew where Lisa was because she was always up to something. Today I saw Lisa trying to get with my crush, the captain of the football team. He was so sexy I just wish I had the guts to talk to him. Lisa leave him alone. I am quite sure he has a team to worry about and not some pathetic slut. What did you call me? Babes are you going to let her talk to me like that? Lisa I am sorry but you are not my girlfriend so she can talk to you however she wants, and she is right I have a team to lead please leave me alone. Lisa stormed off like a minion. Thanks for the help. Welcome my name is Heather. Nice to meet you Heather. My name is Jamie Anderson. Nice to meet you as well. We should hang out sometime. I would love that. Okay cool here is my number text or call me if you want to. Okay cool I will see you tomorrow. Okay bye Jamie bye Heather. I went to my last class and met up with my bestie. May want to hang out when you get home, we can help each other with homework? Okay I just call my dad and tell him I am going to your house. Okay, make sure you tell him you are home before dinner. Okay cool. I wait until May is done talking to her dad. I turned around and I saw Jamie Anderson again hi Jamie, how was your day today? It was good thanks for asking. What are you up to today? Nothing much just chilling with my bestie and hitting the mall. Nice maybe we can hang out at the mall? For sure we like that we do not hang out with a lot of people we always get bullied. I am sorry to hear that Heather you and your friend seem like cool people to hang with. Thanks, we love to help others and tutoring people that need help studying. You must be the popular nerd? That is what they call me at school. I am just a girl that pays attention in class and takes education seriously. That is a good thing because education always comes first. You are different from the other kids at school. Is it ok that I hang out with you both for now on? Sure, but I do not think your team would like it. I do not care there are only two people on my team that I get along with and the rest are jerks which I saw some of them bullying you two. Yeah, they do not like us. Well do not worry about them; you both have me and my other two friends. Thanks maybe you can bring them with you. We love to meet them if that is okay with you guys. What about today we all can meet up at the mall main entrance? Okay cool we see you guys there. Okay see you later today. Okay bye Jamie. I walked to May to see what was said. Dad said okay as long I am safe and out of harm’s way. Okay let us go get homework done and hit the mall Jamie Anderson and two other guys want to hang out with us. Yay new friends! But I have a feeling you and Jamie are going to be more than “friends″ shut it I’m not ready to be in a relationship plus I’m not his type. Heather, you know I love you as a sister, but it is time to tell him how you feel before it is too late. May I just have met him? I will tell him at the school dance if he asks me to be his date which I hope he does. Do not worry until the time comes Heather. Okay I try not to. Ready to go to the mall we have new friends waiting on us. Let us go. I hope his friends are hot. I guess we see when we get there. Yup that we will. We got out of the car and walked in the mall and I heard someone call my name. Hey, Heather, how I am good thanks for asking. Hello, my name is heather Anderson and this my best friend may. Nice to meet you name is jack and this my best friend chance. Nice to meet you both too. Today we came to pick dresses for the school dance that is coming up. Okay let us go to David bridals. What kind of dress are you looking for? I want something sexy that hugs my curves. How about this one, red and black? No black and blue is my favorite. Look heather, what about this dress is black and blue Let me try it on.Get the guys too. I want their opinion too, okay. What does everyone think about this dress? You look sexy as hell in that dress. Jamie leaned down where I can only hear what he says. You would look even more sexy riding me. I turned bright red. Jamie laughed and I giggled. Come, let us get your dress. Okay, and May went to pick her dress. What kind of dress are you looking for? I am looking for something like yours, but I want pink and black. What do you think about this dress? Let me try it on, okay. What do you guys think? You look sexy as hell said chance. Thank you, bestie, what do you think? Girl guys going to be all over you. Then I could have sworn chance said they better not be she is mine in a low voice where nobody but me heard him. Okay let us get our shoes and get some food my stomach talking yeah me to Jamie said. Okay lovebirds let us roll out and get food we can come back tomorrow and get the shoes okay. Chance and May walked together holding hands and me and Jamie did the same. Went to get Chinese food and chat while we waited for our food. Heather, do you have a boyfriend? No, I wish I did but nobody would date me. why not? one I am a nerd, two nobody really talks to me but may. You’re the first people to talk to us that’s not like us and third of all I have a crush on someone but he has a lot of girls all over I know this crush because I can talk some sense into him? Hmm you might. He is the captain of the football team. Is that so? Yup but do not tell nobody it is our little secret. Okay I promise I will not tell anybody baby you have a girlfriend Jamie? No but I do have eyes on someone that I hope will be mine. Does she know? no but I will tell her at the dance. Hmm she is lucky to be the one. Yeah, I guess we will see who is the lucky girl and guy at school? That we will. Well sad that we must go before mays dad kills us can we do this again we had fun we want to get to know you guys better? That would be great. We see you at school. Okay later heather and may by guys nice meeting you all. Me and May we make our way to her house see you tomorrow okay girl later. I walked home and mom and dad were arguing as always. I went to my room and my phone started buzzing. I looked at who was texting it was Jamie. Hey sexy what are you doing? I text back nothing just laying here thinking about a sexy man I hanged out with today;) is that so? yup, I was thinking about you too. hey, can I ask you something? sure ask away. Will you be my date? Yes, I would love to be your date. Now I have one more question okay. Will you be my girl? Omg hell yeah, I will be your girl if you be my boyfriend? Hell, yeah, I will. You just made me the happiest girl in the world. You just made me the happiest man in the world, and I will never let you go baby. Same here I cannot wait to see you tomorrow. Me to baby. Get some rest. I see you tomorrow morning. Good night Jamie good night Heather. Today is the day of the dance. I hope I lose my vCard tonight. While I am getting ready May came into my room to help me with my hair and makeup. May I am so nervous. What if I am not good enough for him? OH, heather if you were not good enough for him, he would not ask you to be his girlfriend. True I love you May. What would I do without you? You would be a single Cat woman. That is a good thing I am allergic, just get ready. What you think about the guys? I like them. They seem nice and not jerks. Hopefully, I did not talk too soon. Let us head out. We had to meet the guys outside. We made our way downstairs and we heard a knock at the door. May went to open it and I see our dates. Hello ladies you both look beautiful. Thank you, gentlemen, the 3 of you looking handsome. Thank you, sweetie. Let us take pictures and then go to the dance. Me and May were first then the guys. Me and Jamie took pictures and May and chance took pictures then we took one with all of us together. This was the best night ever. We all danced our lives away and went to our rooms at Jamie’s house. Goodnight everyone. Good night boo I see you in the am. We all went to bed. Tonight was a special night for me because I will lose my vCard. Jamie, I want you inside me now. If it hurts you let me know and I will stop. I do not want to hurt you too much because at the beginning it will hurt. I will let you know baby now fuck me. As you wish my love. We had mind-blowing sex I am a little sore, but the pain will go away. I took a hot shower and got dressed for bed. Good night baby girl good night Jamie. I woke up feeling sick to my tummy. I ran to the bathroom and started puking my guts out. I heard footsteps baby are you okay? I might have eaten something bad last night. If it gets worse, I go to the doctor. Okay baby, what are your plans for today? I must go home and clean my room before my dad gets home and then me and May go to the café then the Mall with my mom and aunt. Nice a busy day today. Yup you text me I do get lonely without talking to someone. Okay baby I text you. Well it is time for me to go. I need to see if May is still here, okay baby I will be downstairs making breakfast. I brushed my teeth and got dressed. As I was heading down something smelled so terrible the next thing, I was back in the bathroom puking my guts out again. I am thinking this is not normal, maybe a bad stomach bug, yeah, I give it a week. Okay let us try this again hopefully I can make it down without getting sick. I finally made it down the stairs this time the smell was gone. I was wondering what was going on. Hey baby, how are you feeling today? Hey love, I am not feeling too hot. I am sorry baby I hope you feel better. Me to love. I headed home, did May leave already Yes, she just left. she told me to tell you that she will see at the mall. Okay thank you I love you babe. Will I see you at the mall later today? Yeah okay later. Bye baby. On my way home I text May. Hey, May I need you to come to my house ASAP. What is the matter Heather? I will explain when you get here. okay I am on my way. Thank you so much I am so scared. When May got her, she came running like a mad woman into my room. What is the matter? What did he do? Do I need to kick his ass? No May I think I am pregnant. I woke up this morning puking my guts out and when I came downstairs there was a horrible smell. May looked at me like I am crazy and said no the hell you cannot be pregnant now you are only 19. Did he use a condom? I thought he did omg what I am going to do if I am pregnant? He will not want anything to do with me. Calm down Heather let us get a test first and then we go from there okay? Okay. Me and May went to the store to get a pregnancy test and went back to my house we went into my room and I took the test I hope I’m not pregnant but if I am, I will take care of I don’t believe in abortions or adoptions. It is time to look at the results. Are you ready? Yes, I am ready. Just remember no matter what I have your back we can raise the baby or babies. I love you. May you be the best sister I ever had. Okay let us have a look at it shall we? Yes, let us get it done. Omg Heather you going to be a mom. Heather started crying and was so scared. Heather everything will be ok. I will help you tell him and if he does not want to be a part of this then it is me and you. Thank you so much May you are the best friend ever. I am your only friend, silly. Let us text Jamie and see if he can meet us after school today okay the sooner the better right? Right, Heather text Jamie and said hi Jamie can you meet me and May after school today I have to tell you something important? Sure, baby is everything okay? Yeah for me but do not know for you. You hate me after what I am going to tell you. Should I be worried? In case yes but I think we are okay. Okay I see you after school then. Hey chance is everything okay with you and may? Yeah, why what is up? Heather and May want to meet me after school today and Heather seems off today. Yeah, she did hmm. Bro did you get her pregnant? No, I used a condom, I think? You think? Bro you better hope you did because if she is that is why she is not herself she is scared to tell you because she thinks you will leave her. I am not ready to be a father; I am just 19 for fucks sake. Well bro you should have thought about that when you took her virginity without a condom. Now if May leaves because you will not step up and take care of your family Ima kick your ass because May and Heather are like sisters, so it is sister’s over bro’s. They never apart. So, get ready for the news. Me and May went to our last class and we bumped into Lisa. Watch where you both going. It is the other way around: watch where you going you bump into us when we are not even near you bitch. We walked away and went looking for Jamie. After an hour of looking for Jamie we finally found him by the tree me and May sit under for lunch. Hey Jamie, Hi Heather and May. What is up I have been worrying my brains out? We laughed. Well Jamie did you use a condom after the night we had? I think I did. I am not sure we were pretty wasted. I do not know how to say this without you being mad over thinking differently of me. What is going on baby? May help me please? She is pregnant and she has only been with you. It is okay if you are not wanting to be a part of our kid’s life me and May family, I take care of the baby or babies. I got up and walked away from a crying Heather. I cannot. I must get away from here and I did. I even transferred schools so I could graduate. Hey chance have you heard from you know who? No why? He up and left and he transferred schools. I am sorry Heather he a dick for leaving like that. We if it makes you feel better you have me and May and Jack by your side. Thank you guys you are the best friends a girl could ask for. We all graduated, and I found out I was having twins, a boy and girl. I named them Sean Anderson and Hope Anderson.

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