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"Its hard to start fresh when the whole world has tabs on you". Marvin "The Druid" Troy is a 19 year old African American who's aspiring to become an engineer. After receiving a scholarship to play Ice hockey he moves into his ma's old apartment in her hometown, but trouble soon follows when rumors of an incident from his past throws his new life into a downward spiral.

Drama / Mystery
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Authors note:

This is my first draft, I came up with the idea in my Film and Tv class. It hasn't been edited yet. This is a work of realistic fiction, the situations my characters go through could happen in real life. The people are made up and the names of places, movies and literature might be changed.

Hope you enjoy.

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I was saturated in it. On my knees in the middle of the street, it was silent and I hoped for any sign of life, but none. Maybe if a car shows up I could wave it down or get hit...I don’t think it mattered, I couldn’t leave. When we arrived at the hospital I was escorted into a room, my eyes felt heavy. At some point my parents came, they were nervous when they saw a police officer next to me.

“Marvin! Are you alright?” asked ma.

“I’m fine”.

Pops scratched his beard. “Whats this about officer?”

The officer crossed his arms. “Well, your son told me just enough to give a statement to the public”.

“And?” said ma.

The officer clutched his belt. “He’s free to go”.

We left the hospital and got on the road, mom drove my care while I drove in the other car with pops. The ride home was tense and I bet they had many questions I was just waiting for the axe the fall and then it did.

Pops gripped the wheel. “What were you doing out this late Marvin?”

“I went to see a friend”.

“Which friend?” He asked.

“I can’t tell you”.

“What!” He bellowed.

“I’m sorry pops”, I looked him straight in the eye. “I promised her I wouldn’t say. But believe me this has nothing to do with what happened tonight, I just happen to be in the right place at the wrong time”.

“Enough”, he couldn’t hide the contempt in his voice “We’ll talk about this another day, its late.”

A few weeks later I was back at school, but the atmosphere seemed thick when I walked into first period and everyone got quiet, kids were still talking but it was a whisper. I’m not popular but I’m also not a loner, I get along well and everyone knows me. Looking out the window, a depressing thought creeped inside my head and it reminded me of what I heard. After fourth period I was actually looking forward to lunch, normally I sit outside but I wanna be indoors for awhile as I approached the line I noticed some kids eyeing and pointing in my direction.

I saw Jack, we were on the same Ice hockey team and even though hes popular, hes alright. It didn’t matter what table I sat at, the hard part was choosing, after all who likes listening to the same old conversations. Then out of nowhere this girl screams and lunges towards me with a crazed look in her eyes, I fell back onto the cafeteria floor in shock. The girl was held back by a teacher, I got up and felt an empty soda can hit me on the side of the head. Before I could understand what was going on I was coved in food and my ears were filled with anger screams, I slipped on a tray and bumped into a trash can.

“Crazy Bastard!" someone yelled.

Thinking back I remember seeing some people from a few nights ago with their phones out, they probably uploaded what happened. The small crowd advanced as I got to my feet and held up my hands.

“I didn’t do it!” I shouted, but my voice was drown out by the many chants. The teachers seemed to be overwhelmed by the sudden outburst and after seeing their twisted faces and hearing their hateful words I closed my eyes.

In that moment, I was labeled and alone.

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