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Chapter 1: Icebreaker

The complex was white with a purple roof and if you pay close attention you can tell it went threw some renovation, I climbed two steps at a time until I reached the third floor. The room was in good condition with baby blue walls, soft wooden furniture, and lots and lots of boxes everywhere.

“This is the last box”, said ma moving towards the door.

I gestured with my thumb. “Your not gonna help me unpack this mess?”

She smiled. “Boy, I’ve been cleaning up your messes for 19 years. You can handle this”.

I turned and hugged her. “Love you ma”.

“Love you too”, she looked at me with a type of melancholy. “You know you could stay in the dorms on campus, maybe make some new friends”.

I shrugged. “Don’t worry ma. Your old apartment is fine and no matter where I am, I always know how to break the ice”.

After ma left, I unpacked half of the boxes and decided to take a break on the fire escape. The skyline was beautiful, but somehow it felt distorted and far away. For a moment I felt jealous of how the sky could change its color and the world would not bat an eye, but then realized theres not just a coldness around me but a sudden warmth, a feeling that was long forgotten. The following day went by quick and I decided to skip out on getting my books, so I wouldn’t have to get stuck in that long line. When I left campus I drove straight to work, it was a car repair shop called, Edenium Rift.

I walked into the shop and my boss was sitting at his desk. He was a plump white guy with a mustache and black receding hair, the overalls he was wearing were light grey and he wears this type of ring similar to the godfather. “I’m here, Mr. Kade”.

“Marvin”, he said. “Good your here, I need you on a car”.

I changed into my blue overalls and followed him out to the garage where an orange mustang sat. As I got closer, I noticed one broken head light and one broken taillight with a bumper hanging off, it was an older model, but you wouldn’t guess it since the owner kept it real nice.

“Its not took bad”, said Mr. Kade. “Each day you’ll get some experience, but all the tools you need is over there, after that I need you to stack some tires”.

As soon as my boss left I went over to the tool box and grabbed a lightbulb, when I got to the car I popped the hood and searched until I found the holder, being very careful I disconnected the power wires and replaced the dead bulb with a new one. I jiggled the bumper and went over to the workspace where I found a metal mask and torch, bending the bumper I ignited the lighter and welded it back into place.

When I got home, I took out a homemade meal. “Pops really went all out”.

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