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Chapter 3: Fraternity Jolt

When I merged through the crowd, I didn’t feel any loitering eyes on me, no one cleared a path when they saw me walking.

It felt like I was just another face on campus, no giant sign on my back or arrow hovering over my head. I noticed people going off grounds to get some food, it made sense, there were lots if bodagas and a few food trucks nearby; going nowhere in particular that’s when I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder.

“Hey man”, said the voice. It was Elias.

I shifted my weight. “Whats up?”

“Your codename”, Elias spoke. “I was just thinking about what coach said, druid means wizard?”

“Pretty much”, lifting my hood.

Elias said sarcastically. “So you l.a.r.p around giving riddles and quests?”

“I’m not that kind of druid”, I turned my head as sunlight reflected off my glasses. “Got the name in high school and it just stuck.”

It’s similar to cosplay, Elias remarked. I dressed as Jango Wick (parody) and Bakari Lee (parody).”

I smiled. “Sounds like action movies.”

Elias got hype. “Jango is a BAMF, when they kidnapped his dog and when they thought he couldn’t speak Russian. He filled them full of holes, it was a massacre. And Bakari knows every type of martial arts, he also uses nunchucks."

We started to pass this black building with a white roof and white greek letters, until Elias stopped.

“Hey”, said Elias. “This is the door to the Bastion House.”

“Whats that?” I turned slightly.

“It’s a fraternity”, Elias put his hands behind his head. “I was on my way here when I ran into you. Have you joined one?”

I had my hands in my hoodie. “Never thought about it.”

Somehow Elias convinced me to check out the club with him, we came to a large office room with a long table, a bookcase, a projector, display globe and printer. A guy approached us from one of the corridors, he had brown spiked hair, brown eyes, tan skin, he was wearing a blue short-sleeve hoodie and had a face tattoo.

“Hola friends”, he held up a can. “I’m Gabriel and welcome to Bastion House.”

"I’m Elias and this is Marvin", Elias pointed. "We came to check the place out."

"Were always looking for new recruits", Gabriel slurped his drink and began to move.

We passed some bedrooms and a gym, until we came to an open area with a pool and foseball table.

“The whole purpose of a Frat is to build bonds by hosting events, leadership opportunities and working together with your brotherhood”, said Gabriel.

I looked around. “Where is everyone?”

“Trying to stay cool”, Gabriel showed us to the backyard.

There was a group of people grilling, sitting in hammocks, eating ice cream, while some kicked a soccer ball around.

“Let me introduce you”, gustured Gabriel.

“Hey pete”, Gabriel waved.

Yo, Pete placed the food on the table.

Gabriel pointed. “Thats Ned.”

The guy flipped the soccer ball into the air and balanced it on the back of his neck, then kicked the ball onto his knees.

“Aye mate!” said a voice.

“Thats Zane”, Gabriel tossed the can in the trash.

Zane gave him the bird. “Are you done showboating?”

Gabriel smirked. “And thats Poppy.”

The girl had red hair, pale skin, she was wearing checkered shorts, checkered crop top and she was barefoot. She was sitting on a cooler.

“Hey Poppy”, said Gabriel. “Whats in the cooler?”

Poppy gave a peace sign. “Just water balloons.”

Gabriel turned to us. “Now that you know what were about, are you interested?”

“Yea”, said Elias. “I heard living in a frat is cheaper then living in the dorms.”

“No”, I rubbed my eyes.

Elias looked at me. “Why not?”

“Do you haze?” I ask.

Gabriel slowly nodded. “Yes, but its all in good fun.”

I winced when he said it. “The club is great and all, but I’ll have to pass.”

When I got to the repair shop, I changed into my light grey overalls and went into the garage where my boss was.

“Marvin”, he tossed me some car keys. “The customers radio isn’t working, they’ll be back in two hours.”

I got a screw driver from the tool box, then went inside the car and popped open the radio to take a look at the wires. There was a small orange box and it looked burnt out. Going over to the workspace I grabbed a new spare part and switched the old with the new.

“Lets see if theres anything good on”, I started the car.

Loud rap music blasted from the radio making the whole car vibrate, I quickly turned down the volume and powered off the car.

“What was that!” Mr. Kade yelled.

My body was rigid as I tossed him the keys. “My soul leaving my body.”

A few hours later a car was towed into our shop with the family still inside, it was a navy blue van. The guy slowly lowered the car and released the hook, when the family got out Mr. Kade was standing right next to me.

“Were in a little bit of trouble”, said the man. He spoke with a long drown out accent, sounded like they were from up north.

“I told you we should have checked”, said the woman.

My boss tapped his ring. “What seems to be the problem here, folks?”

“We”, the man started.

“You”, the woman corrected.

“Alright. Alright”, he said. “I forget to check the engine light and now our battery is drained”.

Mr. Kade understood. “Okay Mr. and Mrs.?”

“Lumar”, said the woman.

“You need a jump start”, I came to the conclusion.

Mr. Kade looked impressed. “Yes, we need a car to draw power from and jumper cables”.

My boss went to the shelf and grabbed a pair a red jumper cables, he popped their hood and saw the giant battery.

“We can use my car”, I suggested.

I rolled my black jeep into range while Mr. Kade hooked up the jumper cables, holding the wheel I put the car in park and started revving the engine. After five minutes the family departed.

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