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Chapter 4: Godspeed

We were taking notes and talking about gothic themes when the teacher dismissed us, not many people seemed to be in a hurry to leave. He looked like he smoked six packs a day, had puffy red rings around his eyes, matted obsidian hair, pale skin, heterochromia eyes and a lopsided smile. The clothes he was wearing was suspenders with a white shirt, black tie and blue jeans.

“Read the short story on Pg. 217”, Mr. Zephyr sat at his desk reading a graphic novel. “Your going to be talking about the different themes in your groups.”

Carrying my duffle bag, I walked out the classroom and jogged across the courtyard towards the hockey rink. When I got on the ice half the team was there and the coach was nowhere to be found, I lined up when one of my teammates spoke.

“Hey”, said Gregory. “Your glasses will be broken by the end of practice”.

I reached for my face and realized he was right, skating off the ice and back towards the locker room I retrieved my contacts. After leaving, I noticed Olsen standing next to this guy holding hands and they kissed before departing, Olsen and I walked to the rink in silence.

“Did you mind what you saw?” Asked Olsen breaking the tension.

Feeling relieved I answered his question. “No, not really.”

“Good”, said Olsen. “I wouldn’t care if you did, chief”.

Returning to the ice, the rest of the team was there but none had their hockey sticks with them, coach was off to the side holding a green duffle bag. Olsen and I made a quick decision to leave our sticks against the rink wall entrance as I got closer I realized everyone was divided into pairs which was odd.

“Today, your speed will be tested”, coach Booker explained. “Your gonna race your teammate to the edge of the rink and back. Troy and Bradley since you both arrived last, you’ll be paired.”

We lined up next to one another and watched as coach called out the first race, it was Elias against Tye. Coach blew his whistle and they dashed to the yellow cone at the end of the rink when they dashed back it was a tie. The next race was us that’s when I realized it was random, at the sound of the whistle we were off for awhile we were neck and neck, then on the way back I pulled ahead winning the race. The last race was Gregory against X.D., the whistle blew and they dashed down the ice when they dashed back “The Wrangler” was the first to make it, Gregory almost bumped into him since he was right on his trail.

Olsen was still breathing heavily. “Goalkeeper’s life for me.”

Coach Booker unzipped his duffle bag and pulled out a puck. “Alright, get your hockey sticks were gonna test your aim.” He threw the puck onto the bullseye of the rink, Gregory was the first to take aim and fire, it hit the top right corner of the net.

When I got home I grabbed a bowl from the fridge and heated it up, while waiting for the timer I went over to one of the bigger boxes and took out a giant poster of Tupac. Pop’s was a big fan of him and he shared his era of music with me, he told me music back in the dark had heart and meaning, just then I heard barking outside my door and footsteps running down corridor at the same time the timer went off.

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