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Chapter 6: Blindsided

The apartment was beginning to feel more familiar as the empty space was decorated with my belongings. Lifting a box onto the shelf, I opened the box to reveal some books, a picture and a train. I placed my 9th grade hockey photo on the shelf and a model train pop’s gave me when I was 10.

Glancing at my hockey stick leaning against the wall and looking back at my old teammates in the picture frame. On impulse I decided to go to the school hockey rink to practice some trick shots, I was tying my skates when someone call my name.

"Marvin?” the voice belonged to Tye. He wasn’t alone the whole team was with him.

“Hey”, I swung the stick over my shoulder. “Was just going to practice.”

Tye grinned and skated onto the ice. “Great. We were just gonna knock the puck around, but now we can play a game.”

I absorbed what he was saying as the other players waited for me on the rink. This blindsided the whole reason for going out, I didn’t want to seem anti-social and figured I’ll still be able to pull off my previous plan.

"Sure!“, I decided to join them on the ice.

“Marvin - your on my team”, Tye skated around the rink. “Gregory and X.D. will be our opposing team. First to get to 7 points wins.”

I stood a few notches behind Tye as they counted down and fought over the puck. Gregory was able to slip pass Tye and I challenged him, swiping the puck away and passing it back to Tye. The score was now 1 - 0, we were leading.

The next round X.D. was trailing me and I tried to do a trick shot towards the goal, I swung but missed the net, X.D. didn’t miss his opportunity as he swooped in to score. The score was now 1-1, a tie.

After a while the game was one-sided as I tried to practice my trick shots and failed. The final score was 1-8, X.D. and Gregory highfived each other as I skated off the ice. I felt down none of my shots landed, it only means I need to practice more. When I left the school rink it was cloudy, I found my jeep and drove down the highway as I got closer to home I noticed Bianca and Vincenzo walking away from a food truck with to-go boxes.

I pulled into my complex and grabbed my duffle bag before existing the car. As I made my way up the stairs I noticed an old man and his dog doing yoga on the sidewalk, I climbed the 3rd floor to my apartment when I saw the old man and dog jog out the complex.

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