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The world is black and white, but Rilei tends to live in a gray area until life forces him to open his eyes. From his sheltered childhood to his rude awakening to reality, Rilei is forced to learn how to be a survivor in the ghetto streets of Akron, OH. Being a survivor also means that Rilei will have to learn how to accept that the world isn’t different shades of gray, and that he is on the wrong side of the black and white. When Rilei enters the criminal justice system, he finds it rigged against him from the beginning. Can Rilei tell his story and change the fate society has written for him? On the wrong side of the color line, is American justice possible, or is it just us?

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By: DaLena Slayton

Copyright © 2019 DaLena Slayton

Cover Art by David Slayton

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ISBN: 9781703374681

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