Law Of War

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The story is about a legal war between a powerful man and an ordinary family . A popular actor of US accidentally kills a ordinary men . Who would win in the battle .....

Drama / Thriller
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Chapter - 1

It was about to reach 8 Am and Mr.Williams rushed to open his Bakery . It was a small one , though one of the most popular one in Chicago .

He has been doing this job for about 40 years . His wife’s name was Mary . She would be present in the shop for most of the time . They both had only one grandson called as Stuart .

Stuart’s mom and dad died long before in an accident . After that Stuart lived with his grandparents . The shop was their only income and it meant everything for them .

The shop opened with a great of hope that it would be a great day . It started its , sale in 9 : 00 Am . Filled with the scenory of bread, rolls, cookies, pies, pastries, and muffins .

" We will have to change that bulb ” said Mary . ” Ya , we will have to . I would call James for replacing it ” said William

" Tomarrow we will have to go to the city hospital . I have a pain in my leg ” said Williams ” Then we can go today . Why to wait for tomarrow ” said Mary . ” No no . Paul called me yesterday that he would come today for taking a large order ” said Williams .

" Stuart can handle it ” said she . ” He is not enough old to do such things ” ” I think he can handle it ” said she .

Then there entered a customer . Williams treated the customer well as usual . Then there entered Stuart . He was studying in a engineering collage and got graduated from there and was searching for a job .

" Do you have any interview today ” asked Williams . ” No . Not today , but tomarrow I have one ”


A large crowd was present in the entrance of a hotel . It included the media standing curiously with their cameras . Then there came a person with lot of people behind him and guards in front of him .

He was wearing a black suit and had black glasses , that made him cool . He smiled in front of trhe crowd . He was Robert Brown , a popular actor in US .

He was one of the actor with highly successful movies that made him popular and created a lot of fans in hollywood . He was 32 years old and had chicago for his latest movie .

" Hello everyone . It is very happy to see how much you people love me and my movies . Hollywood has been always great and we would try to make it even great . Thank you . Thank you all ”

Then there came a great applause .


There came a fatty person and entered the shop .

" He Paul . I wondered you died . ” said Williams . ” Not without you , Williams ” said Paul . ” Is my order ready ”

" Ya , it’s ready ” said Williams while taking the box of sweets . ” Hay Stuart , did you get a job .” asked Paul . ” No . But i would ” said Stuart while stuart inturrepted him . ” But tomarrow he has an interview . Right Stuart ” ” Yes yes ”

" Well all the best for you future ” ” Well , thank you Mr . Paul ” Then there came a phone call . ” Oh , it’s my phone ” said Williams while picking up the phonecall . It was the phonecall from his cousin Julie. She was divorced and was living with her only daughter .

The duration of the phonecall was for about 2 minutes . Williams face became dull . Grace asked her ” What was it about ” .

The matter was very serious . His cousin’s daughter ’s name was Winny and her husband was a drung . He drank a lot from a bar and something happened that he did not like . So caused a lot of problems in the bar and destroyed their properties .

They called the police and he had pay for the trouble he caused . Otherwise he will be sent to jail . Winny is crying and Julie requested him to give some money for helping him from going to jail .

" How much she is asking for ” asked Stuart . ” About 130 dollars ” said Williams . ” 130 dollars for that mad man . They are using you . Don’t give it ” said Stuart .

" How can we say like that , we must help them ” said Grace . ” Ya . We must .I will have to go there ” said William . ” Then I will go and give it ” said Stuart . ” No No . I will give it by myself . I will take my scooter ” said Williams .


A night party was taking place in WhirlyBall. Bucktown , Chicago . The pary was hosted by Mr . Saviour who was a well known movie director . His next project was with actor Robert Brown . So the main attraction of the party was Robert.

" Hey Robert . The man I gave been waiting " said Savior while hugging Robert . " This is a great party , man " said him .

They went to drink and in the chairs . " So , when will the shooting start " said him . " Probably the next week " said Savior . " Where you are staying here in Chicago " said Saviour . " My friend Ludon have arranged here a guest house " said him.

They finished their drinks along with Benjamin , who was the personal assistant of Robert . The three moved of the building .

" So you will be going to your guest house , right " said Saviour. " Ya . With Benjamin " said him . " He , Robert . Is that your car . " said Saviour pointing to the car that was parked aside . " Ya , I bought it one month ago " said Him . " That car is really cool " said Saviour . " He you can take it and can return it tomarrow . I would then take your car . " said him . " Are you sure " said Saviour . " Off course " said him .

They both exchanged their cars and took their own path .


It was night and Williams was returning after giving the money to his cousin . Then there came a phone call. It was from Mrs. Grace , his wife .

" Where you are now " asked she . " I am on the half way and I will reach soon " said him . " Did you give her the money " asked she . " Ya I have given " said he . " Reach soon " said she . " Bye Bye " said he .

He started driving again in his old model scooter .


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