Evans M.D

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The Journey of Dr.Evans MD from his graduation to his attending post. His day to day medical challenges and his own personal life.

Drama / Fantasy
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The Job Hunt

He was reflecting on himself, both metaphorically and literally reflecting himself on a mirror.He was a fresh graduate out of Princeton Medical School with his M.D.From the beginning he had only two main interests: surgery and diagnostic medicine. Now was the time for him to make the decision, he could not choose both if he could he definitely would. So he was in this really obscure dilemma.

He could get some advice from his friends but he did not have any.All he ever did in medical school was study and study even more he had more knowledge and information stored in the brain about medicine than most of his co students and even his own teachers.He could memorize an entire page in about two seconds just by looking at it.He Simply visualized Anatomy by looking in the air as if he had A.R glasses built in his head.

He saw over all his option really closely with his only close person himself, he thought “well, you know you like to do stuff with your hands and if you really have the skills for diagnostic medicine you will not have the necessity to consult a diagnostician with your cases as you will be able to do all that yourself plus you can perform surgery if you like…”and therefore took a decision to choose surgery instead of diagnostic medicine.

He now could get a surgical internship anywhere with his track record he would get a job even in the hardest places, which in there was New Jersey Plainsboro and he got it, he got his internship at NJP and he was happy about it.

There was a mixer ball at the hospital and he was there to attend.He saw three people talking about the tilapia skin treatment in plastics surgery and he was immediately attracted towards the conversation, which he would not normally.He went on listening to what the three of them were saying and he joined the conversation he joined,”it's easy and can be done with minimal scarring plus there is no damage to the epithelial tissue as well.” this attracted the other three.

The four of them got so focused that they did not even introduce themselves to each other they then realised the fact that the mixer was over on the way out they introduced themselves .

A dark skinned tall man told in a deep voice”Hi, I'm Dan Foreman from Harward”.An white skinned girl of Asian descent added”And I am Sierra Kim, Also Harvard”. A caucasian young handsome lad said “I am Greg Thomson from Yale” And The Princeton boy went on “I am Nick Evans from Princeton”

After that very cringy introduction they all went home Little Did they know that all of them would meet again tomorrow as part of the same team with another addition, working under resident Molly Hooper.

Tune In next week for the next chapter.

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