The Away Game

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A cheater. The perfect hookup plug. A busy spouse. Perfect, isn't it? But what happens when the spouse is a fountain of jealousy? Follow the story of a cheater, swerving and turning; a spouse jealous and menacing; a hookup, anonymous and shrewd; and an investigator, dedicated and able. Follow the saga of The Away Game...........

Drama / Mystery
Abba Bungwon
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Chapter 1

The calm, serene neighborhood was suddenly plunged into darkness as the defamed NEPA struck. A few seconds later, the lights came back on accompanied by the droning sounds of generators. In the streets, it looked like nothing had changed. It was still an empty, dimly lit, paved road in an obviously rich part of town. Tall pine trees and low, well-groomed brushes lined the streets. Yes, it was indeed a normal night, the only thing out of place was the car parked in a dark part of the street.


A thirty minute drive away, in a less glamorous part of town, Julius watched his wife get ready to leave for her flight, trying very hard to look like he wasn’t interested. Deep down he could hardly wait for her to leave. They had been fighting for weeks about very trivial things, and being honest with himself, he was mortally tired of being around her. It still baffled him how apart they had grown, when barely two years ago when he married her, they were all over each other. He smiled thinking about their doting days, when they talked for hours and argued for an extra thirty minutes over who should cut the line, when he would be at his desk in the office smiling boyishly thinking about her, even when they would fight and he’d have to say sorry for nothing. Sighing heavily, he returned his attention to Miracle, the supposed love of his life, just as she zipped up her travelling bag.

“Okay, I’m done,” she announced proudly, with a bright smile, the kind that gave him beautiful flashbacks.

“I can see that. I almost wish you weren’t. Living without you for a whole week feels like passing through the valley of the shadow of death, you won’t be with me,” he replied, his face an expression of unbridled affection. She smiled innocently.

“I need to go now, you hopeless romantic,” she said, in between giggles. Kissing him sweetly, she made her way out tightly clutching her bag. Julius watched his wife take her Opay ride to the airport from the gate.

“Bye, Baby. Have fun, and always remember that I love you,” he said, bidding her farewell.

As soon as she was out of his sight, he walked back inside, picked up his phone and sent a text.


The empty, paved, streets lined by awe-inspiring edifices remained undisturbed, with not even a stray animal in sight. Then, from one of the sprawling buildings, a figure emerged. It was clad in black, masked, moving with a funny attempt at stealth, and the parked car was its obvious destination. The car engine revved up, the mystery figure behind the wheel. Keeping the lights of, the mysterious figure shifted into gear and drove off. Once outside the area, the mask came off revealing a surprisingly pretty woman with raven dark hair.

Thirty minutes later, she arrived at her destination, picked her phone, and sent a text.

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