Breaking Point

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Ivy Harrington is an 18-year old high school graduate with a dream of being the next big thing. She lives with her Best friend, Carla Zanit, In an LA apartment. She goes from audition to audition with everyone telling her she won’t make it but when she gets the opportunity of a lifetime she can’t resist going for it but little does she know everything comes at a price.Aiden Cast, One of the youngest billionaires alive, Has set his eyes on Ivy and won’t look away. He have her an offer she couldn’t resist. Pretend to be in a relationship with him or be banned from the spotlight. Can Ivy play along or will she casted away from the stage she’s been dreaming of since she was little. Join Ivy in a journey filled with tears laughter and romance. The Tale of Ivy Harrington has arrived

Drama / Romance
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New Encounter

I heard my alarm start beeping and I woke up and saw what time it was

9:00 𝑎𝑚

“Shit,Shit,Shit” I couldn’t believe how late I was gonna be. This audition was way too important to be late too. I got up and went straight to my dresser. Put on something mildly professional, A black tight crop top with half washed high waisted jeans, and I ran to the door. When my kitchen came into view I also saw Carla, my best friend, by the coffee machine as I sprinted past her to the front door she shouted “ y’know you’re gonna die without you’re coffee”

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