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Chapter 10 : High

"This is creepy." I speak drowsily to the boy who's hand is stroking through my hair, thinking that I'm still sound asleep.

I can feel his eyes boring into my closed eyelids.

I open my eyes slowly to find his looking back at me dreamingly. "I'm sorry, you're just so beautiful in the morning." He admits and then removes his hand to get into a lying down position next to me.

"W-what time is it, Jimin?" I try to ignore his creepiness.

"Two in the afternoon." He whispers in my ear. I can believe I slept in so late but it felt good to get rest so I don't care. "Just enough time for us to get in a quickie before I go to dance practice with my band mates." He tugs at his shirt that he gave me to wear once we concluded that I was too buzzed to walk home.

The puffy white duvet tangles in our bodies and he hums into my neck. I stop him no matter my soreness.

"You said two in the afternoon?" I ask between kisses, but not actually caring.

"Why does that matter? It's just the two of us." His hand runs down the curve of my back and between my legs to spread them.

I feel like there was something I was supposed to be doing this morning.

"How long can you stay? I know you have dance and shit but I like what we've been up to."

"I can stay." I decide to blow it off for this. I'm already late anyway and Hyeseong will understand.

He provides me with a dimpled smile. I've never been in this situation before. "Ah, Jimin," It almost feels domestic to just lay in bed all day with someone. I have spent the last two years training alone. I miss intimacy.

There's a slight knock at his bedroom door. I think he mentioned before that he shares this floor with the four other members of his group while there is another pair of two. Then there's the lead rapper that gets his own room rather than three members huddled in one room together.

He kisses my neck, not knowing if I'd appreciate a kiss on the mouth right now. "The bathroom is on the left, baby. Take a shower and I'll drive you home, yeah?" His eyes concentrate on mine.

"Yeah." I get up, and rush to the restroom deciding to not blow off rehearsal if I haven't already.

I run my hand under the shower's spray, deeming it warm enough and stepping under it so that I'm being rained on.

My hair dampens and starts clinging to my body. I feel my neck with my fingers, remembering the harsh treatment Jimin gave that area of my body. He sucked so roughly, that I have imprints and bite marks on my neck. I check out the rest of myself. There's slight bruises on my collarbone and dark ones on my hips and thighs. We didn't even have sex but I still feel tingly.

When I step out of the shower I wrap the plush white towel around myself and take notice of the large mirror, now fogged completely from the heat and stream of the shower.

There's a conversation going on in the bedroom, but who am I to listen in? It's none of my business so I scribble my phone number on the fogged mirror and reclothe myself, making sure to tie my hair in a gross wet bun.

Last night I barely wore anything to keep me warm outside. Just my dance practice clothes are all I have to cover myself with but it works out fine. I'll go straight to Hyeseong and we'll work on the choreography with the others.

They can't be too mad at me for bailing out on them despite the emphasis I put in not being late and the big deal I made out of it.

Hyeseong comes through claiming to be at Jimin's hotel in at least ten minutes since he's not far from the dance hall. I send her a smiley face to take the edge off of the chat and ensure she's in good spirits within the next ten minutes.

My phone chimes and I already know it's my designated driver. Instead of going through the room's bedroom I opt for the next door over, successfully escaping Jimin and whoever knocked on his door to interrupt our sweet moment. The brisk air slaps my entire body, forcing me to wish I brought a coat with me. The only coat I own is trench and I definitely could not wear that to a club scene without looking like a health inspector or a prostitute.

"Hey there, naughty girl." She teases. "The walk-of-shame suits you."

I scoff. "Shut up, we didn't do anything. Anyway, are you one to talk?" I recount the number of sleepovers Hyeseong is guilty of. I can count them on one hand (she's not a whore) but it's still more than me, since I only have one.

"Fuck you," She laughs, starting into traffic. "So are you going to tell me who this God is that convinced you to finally pull the stick out of your ass? Seriously, you're twenty one years old, Min. This is your time to have fun."

"No, and could you stop calling me by my stage name? We're not even debuted yet. It's Yerin, not Minmin." I give her an irritated chuckle when the heat finally kicks in and warms me up.

"Minmin is cuter. How did you even come up with that?"

I remember how, and every second that led to me introducing myself by that name. I remember why down to the exact last detail. Min Yerin. "It was so long ago. Barely remember anything."

She takes that and doesn't press any further. "Taeri and Jihye are already here." She mumbles.

"Who?" I give her a questioning look and ask this in Korean, having become a bit more fluent over my two years living here.

"You're a bitch. We spent like four hours with the two yesterday." She pinches my arm playfully and then returns it to the steering wheel.

The radio picks up slightly, indicating that the current song is more upbeat and intense.

"Have you heard of the new rookie group? Only one of them is actually cute, but I guess they're all good looking."

"Watching her like a stalker. I am your stalker of love. This love is a mystery to you. A merciless infatuation." The rapper continues and introduces his name by something that actually strikes a feeling in me.

And it scares the living hell out of me.

"That's the lead rapper. He's kinda cute. I'll show you the MV when we get to the studio." She winks. "He's known mononymously as CR, but his real name in Min Sangwoo."

She has no idea what this information is doing to me but she continues on in her own idle chat, barely realizing that my whole demeanor is pained.

"He's my bias."

•| intermission |•

It's at the best times of your life when he's watching you. He's plotting the best way to ruin that peace. He wants you to know how much he loves you. He loves you so much that he'd kill. He's waiting for you. He's watching you.

Look out the window. He's watching you through the window.

•| intermission |•

"Grueling as usual." Taeri groans, but I don't bother her for it. My frustration got the best of me, therefore I'm guilty of pushing the girls too hard during practice.

It's always easiest to coach dance practice in an emotional state either way, because the work isn't for nothing. You always benefit from it.

"Don't like it? You can leave. Practice on your own time." My expression doesn't exactly harden but it doesn't soften. I keep my demeanor of pissed as hell.

"Hey, Minnie!" Hyeseong calls from her spot, back against the wall mirror and portable computer in her lap, her headphones winding around her throat with their cord becoming more tangled with her every move but she looks so cute I can't help but oblige. "I want you to learn the members of that group we were listening to in the car."

Anything but that right now. "I'm tired," I lie, not at all wanting to see Min Sangwoo's face. My thoughts and previous feeling are hurting me so much. "I'm gonna go home."

Her smile drops a bit. "Oh, okay. You need a ride?" She begins gathering her things, although I know she planned on spending good ten or fifteen minutes in that spot.

"No, I'll call someone." I sling my backpack over my shoulder, grabbing my water bottle.

My phone rings for a few minutes, and I question whether or not he's going to answer.

"Hey, can I just say how glad I am that you left your number?" His husky voice assaults my ears.

"It hasn't been that long." I hate myself for wearing nothing but shorts right now. The chilly air is too much. "Are you free?"

"Just got doing the same thing you were doing. I shouldn't be that far from your studio. We're just dicking around."

"I think the debut studio is just around the corner from the trainee's." I start walking only to confirm that I'm right. "Why is it so fucking hard to keep up with idol buildings?" I ask rhetorically.

"I'm so hard." He whines. I hear another voice in the background, reacting to his off-topic and blunt statement.

Hyung, what the hell?

"My girl is coming over." He reassures the boy. He refers to me as his girl, and I don't really hate it.

They have a slight conversation only for me to interrupt them a second later.

"What's your code?" I'm at the lounge door now but it's password protected for their own safety.

"Hm? Oh, it's Lover. L-O-V-E-R. Lover. It's the name of our debut EP so don't laugh." I punch the letters in according to his direction exactly and the red light turns green. I push the door open with ease, suddenly hoping that there's not many people in the room.

"Hey, kid. No fans are allowed in here." A guy sitting at a soundboard takes his headphones off to address me. "How did you get the passcode?"

"She's with me, Woosung." I see Jimin come literally out of nowhere. He removes his black face mask. "This is Kim Yerin."

"Oh," I futilely correct him.

"Oh yeah, you told me that." He glances at me and wraps his arm around me waist. "She's not Native, but you can't even tell."

The one called Woosung holds his hand out for my to shake formally and gives me a warm smile. "Get used to seeing her." Jimin whispers.

As we're walking through another corridor, Woosung calls one last thing out before retiring his headphones to the correct spot. "Use a condom, Jimin." He just keeps walking me somewhere else.

He grabs my hand and walks me towards the couch area. "That's Haneul, our little maknae." The small boy, that's resembling a rabbit, holds his hand up but doesn't look away from his xbox.

"How many members are there?" I ask curiously. "How many rappers?"

He smirks. "Trying to make me jealous already? We've only been seeing each other for a day."

We stop walking in the hallway where he presses his lips against mine feverishly and without patience. He moans into the kiss as his tall frame backs me against the wall.

My hands become trapped by his and they're being held above my head. Jimin's lips travel down my neck, harshly leaving wet sucks scattered.

"I wish I could fuck you against this wall properly, but I don't have time."

I whine and free my wrists from his in order to wrap them completely around his neck, not letting go. "Stay here."

I feel like if I let him go I'll lose him to someone better than me. He definitely has options with his appearance and talent. "We can hang out tonight when we get home. Come by our dorms."

"You think I'm going to give it up on the second date? Anyway, I thought you were in motels." I look him in the eyes.

"I think I can convince you." He winks. "The living situation was temporary. Our dorm isn't far though. We have a permanent building, four bedroom and three bathrooms. I guess now that we're technically famous Neverland Ent. wants to start treating us right." His eyes disappear as he grins at me.

We're taking the back entrance to avoid the publicity.

"I'll see you tonight." He bends his knees a little so that he's standing on my level. His lips press against mine passionately.

My time with Jimin has been nothing short of amazing, ands it's definitely filling the lack of contact with the opposite sex I've had my whole life. That brief period with Sangwoo doesn't count. I don't even know who he is anymore.

Jimin's lips violate mine as much as they want since we're alone and in an alley; as private as public kissing gets.

He finally pulls away from me and let's go of my hands that were entangled in his. "Come over around ten, okay?"

"Alright, I'll see you then." I mumble.

Before I can walk away and leave the suspicious alleyway, he stops me. "Here,"

Jimin wraps his black jacket around me and waits for me to put my arms in the sleeves. "Can't have you freezing to death. Get back home safely, and call me when you get there." His lips gives my forehead a caste kiss and then renters the building.

Is this what it's like having a boyfriend? I didn't consider Moon Jimin one until our grossly domestic scene just now. My checks heat up and I inhale the sweet scent of his cologne on the coat.

The walk home can't be called a walk-of-shame, because I won't regret how much I'm falling for him. There's no shame in that at all.

"You saw it? I did exactly what you wanted."

"Yes, Jiminie you've been a very good boy." His tone bothers me but I don't let it show.

"So everything's going well. I eased her into the dating status without an issue. She's so desperate it's not even cute; anyway she'll be at the dorms around ten to get dicked down." I continue according to the plan; the plan that he devised on his own while I simply agreed to it.

"That's where you come in."

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