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Chapter 13 : Mental

"I want you... to take her out today. She still thinks today is your anniversary of meeting, right?"

"Yes, hyung." He's bold enough to take seat next to me on the bed, but I'm more naked than he is. "Hyung do you want me to do it with her tonight?"

They're only allowed to fuck when I say so. He always gets to on their anniversary. This is according to my rules. I'm too smart to think that Jimin would follow through on my plan this long if there wasn't anything in it for him. It's a great sacrifice, letting him have her body but there's one thing of her's that he won't get. I'll take it for myself.

Her soul is mine. I'll tear it to shreds.

"No." A shocked expression takes his face. I can already hear his next sentence. Hyung! I've been waiting so long! I've been such a good boy!

Before he says it, gets the chance to, I raise my hand and throw the small throwing knife with minimal effort and the right amount of force. It's sticks out of the wall across from us. "Okay, Jiminie. I'll tell you what. If you do as I say tonight, I'll suck you off. Better yet, I'll let you fuck my face to your hearts content, whatever you want, only if you do what I tell you. Got it?"

He ponders my proposal while I make sure it's worth it. I don't want Jimin getting any wrong ideas. I want Oh Yerin. If it came down to it I'd kill him. I'd kill anyone that got in the way of my angel.

I think I've proved that quite nicely, although I can count the number I've actually killed for her on one hand. I'll add to the body count if that's what my angel wants.

"Yes." He says pouting a bit.

"And to ensure that you do exactly what I say, I'll be in the guest room of your place. Make sure you let me know when you get home but don't let her find out that I'm watching you two.

He sulks away from me, insinuating that my promise of oral pleasure won't be enough to fully convince him. If something were to go wrong tonight he wouldn't care to fix it. He wouldn't deny anything Yerin assumes and write it off as an assumption for my sake. Or worse, he'd just tell her himself. Ruin absolutely everything for absolutely nothing.

The thought of killing him right here and now crosses my mind but I know better.

With only the thought of having her after all of this was said and done, I lean over and place quick and open-mouthed kisses all over Jimin's collarbone area and slowly make my way to sit on his perfect thighs.

He's what really brought out my bisexual. The fact that he's as twisted as I am, willing to fuck with Yerin for the cause that I'm after and willingly, in exchange to, have intercourse with me over it.

If it came down to it Jimin is easily more twisted than I am. Sure, he has no blood on his chubby little hands but if I asked him to he'd do it without a second thought.

His brand of crazy crosses the territory into psychotic, whereas mine was getting close to it until I met Yerin. She was the life buoy that pulled me back to the shores of sanity.

I gain a moan from him after one particularly harsh suck that ends up on one of his sensitive little nipples.

I work my body into a position that lands me lying on top of him perfectly and finally press my lips to his. I skip the bullshit foreplay that comes with effectively kissing anyone because Moon Jimin is a horny bitch.

My tongue destroys his relentlessly, gaining nothing but sweet moans that I gladly swallow whole.

My mind shifts to what's it's effectively been for the past few years.

Yerin Oh... Min Yerin. Min Yerin suits her best.

Suddenly I'm kissing her and not some pawn like Jimin. She's beneath me. She's got me hard. I've got her soaking wet. I can feel her hair between ever single one of my fingers and her hands gliding across my back. She starts rutting against my thigh to gain some sort of friction for her own sensitivity. "Yerin." I moan loudly and move my lips to her exposed stomach but I'm greeted by hard abs and the salty taste of aroused sweat.

She stops her movements still together. "Do you love her more than me?" Jimin's voice trails off as I get up and swing my legs over the edge of the bed. "You're in love with someone as stupid as her. I've been dating that girl for almost four years. Been stuck with her, and I can't find one single reason to love her. That's besides her being decent in bed.... if the lights are off."

I chuckle at his bluntness and let the fact that he insulted my angel slide just this one time.

"That's because your bitch ass is gay."

•| intermission |•

I used to get told that I'm evil. I'm not. I'm just heartless. I never smiled at birthday parties to pretend I was enjoying myself. I never flinched when some brainless girl threw herself at me with promises of love. Even when a guy did the same; I cared a bit more but not enough to change my ways.

I'm heartless and I'm immune to the pain I inflict on others.

•| intermission |•

Its like he's forcing himself to appear happy to be around me.

Sometimes Jimin just doesn't look like he really wants to be as close to me as he is. He spends more time with his band mates, Haneul to be more clear.

It's almost like they're the ones dating. I laugh at my thoughts. That would explain enough.

"Whats so funny?" He asks from his spot on the bed, his hand wrapped securely around his Xbox controller.

"N-nothing, just laughing at myself." I lie, but that joke isn't for him.

He barely acknowledges that I answered his question having returned his attention to his game again.

I crawl from the head of the bed to the foot where he's sitting and press my torso to his back, wrapping my arms around his waist and kissing his neck.

"Jimin-ah," I whine. "Isn't there something else you'd rather be playing with?"

He doesn't answer again, becoming more enthusiastic about his gaming. "C-can you give me some space?" He half-heartedly shakes me off of his shoulder.

I'm disappointed. I know our private life is rocky but I always assumed he was just too shy to initiate anything.

On our anniversaries he gets really into it, but now he's not even looking at me.

I've never been the naughty type but a thought strikes me and I know it'll work for sure.

I maneuver into a crouching position between Jimin's legs (he barely notices) and bother the waistband of his shorts.

He just barely glances at me before quickly shifting his attention back to the screen in front of him, virtual gunshots rapidly going off. He does bother to turn the mic part of his headset down so that no one can hear his following words.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He glances down one more time and permanently this time, as I place caste kisses all I over his tip and then down his length.

Only when I put my lips completely around him does he give me his undivided attention. "Shit," he moans to bury his hand in my hair, once neat and now getting manhandled. "Keep fucking going. Just like that, baby." His harsh treatment in my scalp doesn't cease and he starts rocking his hips, nailing me in the back of my throat every time and savoring the in-between sucks I'm giving him.

He seems like he's trying to find the will to make me stop all together but I'm persistent.

He's a moaning mess, fucking my throat with his eyes full of unshed tears.

I can't believe that brat. I didn't give him that many instructions.

I said one thing. Don't fuck her and what does he do?

And that little exhibitionist knew damn well I was watching them. He was proud of himself.

Yerin just laid there riding him on our anniversary. That little whore.

I love her... so much.

All I want to do his beat her... and kiss her... and slap and spit all over her...

I want her to be covered in something that's mine. I want her to drown in it.

I need her. I can still here her moans vividly and can barely make out any of their shapes, naked and tangled together and fucking and licking and kissing and -

"Jimin! Ah! Right there!"

I hate this. I hate this too much. It would be so easy to burst in there and kill him. Kill them both. No, not both of them. Not either of them.

I'm going to have to make my own move.

I need to make a move without Jimin. I can't use him anymore. He's out. He won't obey me.

I need to to make a move against him.

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