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Chapter 15 : Consume

"You can stay here if you want. You'd probably rather not be with Jiminie right now." I offer, silently hoping that she stays with me forever.

She nods and yawns, stretching her arms. "You can wear some of my clothes. I seem to recall that you look cute as hell in them." I reference the day we met.

Risky sentence to say but we're platonic for now. Yerin just giggles a bit and accepts my offer.

It's been years since I've seen her strip down and put on my clothes and I've pictured it too many times for my health.

"How's a really long button up sound?" I ask her, not objecting to her already removing her clothes. She's comfortably enough to undress in front of me and I fucking love it.

I'm doing my best to not look like a pervert but I can't help but admire her supple breasts, the curve of her ass, her delectable pale skin and how much I want to bury a blade deep within her. I can almost visualize how smoothly it'll cut and the warmth that will simply leak out of her. How her flesh will cut like butter, clean (just like that) and pale and red and perfect.

She'll scream her throat raw to which I'll happily swallow every squeal of pain and agony with my mouth, drinking her displeasure. I see myself smearing it, the blood, all over her body. Saliva fills my mouth and this visual of touching her bloody body, leaking, seeping, pouring...

"You okay?" I jump at the touch of her hand in my shoulder but regain my composure quickly.

"Yep, just tired." I lie, binding my needs to end up and to force myself on her.

She nods kindly, not noticing the psychotic moment that just took place within me.

"Same here." She's now dressed cutely in my largest shirt and grabbing a small pillow to leave. "I'll take the couch."

I hold my hand out to her from my side of the bed where my legs are folded in the middle of it. My mouth doesn't even move but my eyes trap hers in a knowing look. I didn't plan on doing anything tonight, sure I've successfully made a move against Jimin and forced her to never trust him again. I'm holding the upper hand. I've got her desperately clinging to anyone that can show her affection of any kind.

She needs me but if I want the moment I've been waiting for to be worth all of this effort, if I want it to mean anything to me, I'll have to take my time and play with her for awhile.

Yerin takes the hint and lies down to match me comfortably. She doesn't notice the way my hands caress her hips or the way I inhale the eucalyptus scent of her hair.

She's too ignorant.

"Just like the old days," I chuckle, successfully getting her in my arms and admiring the pink dusted on her cheeks. She thinks that it's too dark for me to see it but I could never miss it.

She smiles. "Yeah, before I quit college."

"It turned out to be a great idea. It worked out for you and honestly you were right."

I have her full attention. "Right out what?"

I'm about to have her. She only needs to hear one more thing before I own this bitch.

"I do regret not believing in you. I regret not telling you how much I loved you."

Without giving her so much as a minute to process what's happening, I rush my lips onto hers and overtake her mouth.

•| intermission |•

Never trust someone that doesn't seem to have it all together. No matter how badly you want to, and to love them. They don't love you. They want to watch you suffer.

They want to watch you bleed out at their feet.

•| intermission |•

He's powerful when he's kissing me and it's been about six years since the last time I've felt this type of passion.

It's the feeling of his lips and the warmth of his tongue in my mouth that's what gets me high from him and drunk off of his kiss.

He pulls away all to soon -boy do I fucking hate it when he pulls away- and it leaves me chasing his mouth with my own. It's needy of me, really, but I don't want it to end.

My legs swing to rest on either side of his laying form and my mouth attacks his again at full force. I feel him smirk into my kiss and it's annoying. He's beating me. He's winning.

I feel his hands on my hips and on my waist, urging my to grind further down onto him and to repeat the process over again. I'm feeling needy now that he's forcing my hips down, forcing his erection to come in contact with my dampening area, with his strong hands and thrusting his tongue in and out of my mouth.

I don't know when I started moan but it's causing him to smirk against my mouth more than ever.

I hate that I have to pull away for a breath due to his intoxicating ways but I succumb to it. "Fuck," He groans not allowing me to cease my hip movements. "Keep going." I groan I return as I feel his hands move so that they can fondle other parts of my body.

Sangwoo sits up to kiss my exposed neck area. My hands snake around his neck and bury themselves in his soft black hair.

"Ah, San-Sang-." I have the hardest time getting his name out due to the rush of pleasure. My voice comes out shaky. It just fuels him to keep attacking me with bites across my pale skin. "Woo."

How did we end up like this? We're close to fucking and my boyfriend is cheating on me with some other person, a guy at that.

So my solution is to get in bed with my friend? I'm no better than Jimin.

"Yerin..." He pants out of breath from the pleasure we're giving to each other. "Can I make love to you here?"

I'm completely out of breath from the shockwaves of it all but somehow still find the strength to answer him. "Sangwoo," my hands pull his hair harshly, but he clearly loves it.

"I want you to fuck me right here and right now."

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