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Chapter 17 : Flame

"Words can not describe how proud of you I am. Did they just make up that fanchant?" I'm faking it. Seeing her come down from the platform, scared, sweating, smiling, and out of breath but clearly feeling the performance high. I'm good at it.

"Yeah, I think so because this is the first time I've heard it." Yerin giggles with her words and her face flushes again. Idiot. My beautiful little idiot. How does she not know I've been playing her all these years?

When something in her life went wrong, made her miserable, I was there. I was always there. Nothing makes me happier than the look on her pretty little face full of tears.

That's what I live for.

She's letting herself fall for me. She's too careless to let me win like this. She's making it easy.

It's been happening like this for the past couple of days. I've been getting considerably bored with Oh Yerin but I could never let her know. No, that simply won't do.

But I'm certain I'm ready to end this tonight. It's just getting to a point in which I could... not go another minute without being able to freely tear Yerin apart.

All I want is to kill her! I want to do this right now! I don't care about the masses of people, witnesses. I don't fucking care! I need her! I have to-

I have to stop myself from hyperventilating.

"Let me take you somewhere." I blurt out without caring to think the words through first.

She stutters for a minute, clearly shocked by my abruptness. It's cute, really, watching her stutter like a baby. Seeing her act like a real girl... like a girl that's actually desirable.

"Yeah," She finally lands on. "Let's go."

It's like she wants me to do this.

•| intermission |•

Art is hard work. In my opinion, it can be drastic like mutilating someone out of love; it can be art.

I am an artist.

•| intermission |•

"I wanna show you something." I tell her as we wander through the bustling streets of Seoul. "I've never really shown this to anyone before." She peeks up at the idea being the only person I trust.

When ADL isn't on the road, in the studio, at a photoshoot or interview, I spend my free time in a studio that was purchased with my earnings as an idol. From the outside, it looks to be an isolated warehouse. I can see that it's ugly and non-metropolitan appearance throws her off.

I thank myself from the past. I don't remember furnishing it in such a romantic minimalistic way but I'm too glad that I did because once she sees the automatic candles lit for the night and the love seat with roses gathered in vases nearby, she looks like she's going to cry. "This is my safe place, Yerin. It's a bit dressed up for you right now." I hold my breath so that my face turns red, mimicking a nervous blush.

It really only consists of a loft for sleeping, a sitting room, kitchenette, and one bathroom. When I had the building constructed the blueprints were drawn up for an extra room that is officially my recording studio. It's the only way I could get a sound proofed dungeon constructed without raising suspicion. That's where I plan to spend most of our time together.

"There's... Yerin pay attention to me." I stop the girl from starring at random things in wonder with the snap of my voice.

She doesn't look too afraid but that's about to change as my facade drops.

"Follow me." I don't smile. I don't continue to fake it. That bullshit that I used to think she'd only respond to is long gone. I don't keep that part of the game going. That's over.

"Sit," I turn on the light switch, reminding myself that all of the lights in this house are red neon. She does as she's told hesitantly, still trying to hold onto the fact that I once told her she could trust me.

"Now you're going to do as I say for the rest of the night or," I open a drawer and pull out exactly what I want and slam it on the table. A perfectly sharp, and pitch black knife. I can't remember exactly what it's made from but that the furthest from my mind right now. "I'll kill you, bitch."

Her eyes blow wide after seeing my weapon of choice, after realizing what's happening. Maybe you should've listened to that fucker Jimin when he tried to tell you about what I had planned for you, stupid bitch. I can't kill him since he's famous, but I'll punish him when I'm done here.

I can see the beginnings of unshed tears in her brown eyes. "Don't start crying. Don't even bother crying for help. Baby, that's only going to hurt one of us and it for damn sure isn't going to be me."

A tear escapes her eyes anyway, violating my word and she receives her due punishment in full; a perfect smack sound bounces off the walls as my hand beats into her right cheek.

I knock her onto her side but she gets up, clearly afraid to have her back turned to me when I have a knife on my bedside table.

"Strip." My eyes stare into her's full of fear. "Get into a position on the bed that would make me happy. You have two minutes until I get back. Don't disappoint me."

I can almost read her tiny mind. This can't be happening, she's thinking. It's happening, love. It's finally fucking happening. "I know. I know." I chuckle. "Zero to one hundred."

I walk away from her but instead I turn around only to find her eyes looking over the knife. How stupid does she think I am? Did taking my blade and attacking me with it just cross her mind?

"You're not my first victim. Certainly not my first hostage, maybe the dumbest though." I take the knife in my hand and run it over the expanse of her neck, letting her feel how cold it is and how it's going to feel on her skin.

"Don't make me do to you, what I did to Cheong Somin. Don't make to rip your corpse apart too." I drop the information on her like it's nothing, because it isn't anything to me.

This causes a flurry of tears and whines out of her but I won't punish her for it this once. "You have a minute and a half."

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