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Chapter 18 : Monster

She's more disappointing than I thought she would be. I'm not sure what I was expecting from this girl.

She's probably still trusting of me.

Maybe I should beat her for a few days, not feed her and mark her up. That would do it.

"S-Sangwoo, why are you doing this?" She sniffs from her spot on her knees. I haven't done anything to her yet. She didn't follow my instructions so I took the liberty of ripping her soiled clothes off and sitting her in front of me, hitting her a few times in the process.

Her eyes meet mine, watering and pleading me for mercy. All I give her is a cold glare, then something inside me snaps. I slap her more than once until she's screaming. The sound of her flesh being attacked fills the room.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" I yell between each blow. "Just shut up!"

I watch as she cries on the tiled floor, blood pooling from some place on her head and trailing onto the ground.

I take a deep breath and grab the knife. My hands find their way to tangle in her ridiculously long hair. Maybe I'll cut it and keep it for a souvenir. "I'm going to teach you something because we're going to be spending a few days -not more than a week or two- together. Do you understand? Nod if yes,"

She blinks a few tears away and I take notice of the bruises forming in the places that I've assaulted. Then she nods carefully, but it's restricted due to my hands yanking her hair. She winces after a harsh tug.

My lips trace her neck, feeling a bruise with my lips. "Lay down."

Without even thinking about it Yerin falls onto her back, leaving me on top of her and successfully making me hard. I can't wait anymore. "If you ever talk back without permission, I'll stab you. Simply for the pleasure of hurting you but I won't kill you. Are you tough enough for that pain? No, you're not. So do as I say."

I continue without letting her take a moment to register what I've said. My lips graze her neck and I let my teeth bite onto the shell of her ear. I hum in pleasure, being this close to her.

The moment is only ruined by her hushed sobs. "And shut the fuck up," I sit up and grab her face, thrusting my pelvis onto hers and having to spread her legs even more so that she feels the fabric of my black jeans on her bare clit. She gasps at the feeling and whines a bit more. "You cry too much. If you don't stop, I'll have to fix you which is definitely worse than just gagging you, princess."

She nods to signal that she understands, already following the rule of not speaking unless spoken to. Smart girl.

"Lastly, there's only one name I'm going to let you call me from here on." I say recounting that time only a few years ago that we were in my studio, writing lyrics for a mixtape. Management wanted me to release a mixtape that was sexier than ADL's main theme. They wanted the lyrics to be more sexually dangerous than lovingly dangerous and Yerin helped me name the EP and myself.

Her eyes tell me that she knows exactly what I'm about to say but I crave the satisfaction of shoving the words into her head anyway.


•| intermission |•

She's perfect. I love the way she looks at me. Her eyes full of fear, and tears. I made that happen.

I made her who she is today.

•| intermission |•

I have Yerin bent over a desk in the living room.

I simply will never find a view like this. Her; completely naked, ropes tying her wrists in front of her. Her panties settled at her shaking ankles. There's silent tears falling from her eyes but she's quiet about it, no rule broken yet.

To top it all off, her wet folds lined perfectly with my tongue. Her taste is a delicacy. Sweet, and wet with the orgasm she's undergone. I hum against her clit and start sucking on her core. My tongue fucks into her without showing intention of stopping at all but I do.

"Beg me," I slap one of her exposed cheeks and then grab onto her whole backside to squeeze it harshly. "Beg me for it."

Yerin breaks her silence long enough to answer me. "Beg you for what?" She gasp, trying to hide a moan.

"Mercy." It clicks in her naive little mind.

"P-please..." She cries. I chuckle in earnest. "Please Daddy."

That's what I like to hear.

I want nothing more that to simply bury myself within her and hate-fuck her on ever piece of furniture I own.

I know better than to do that right now.

I grab onto her waist and throw her over my shoulder carrying her to the special room as mentioned before.

There's another red neon in this room, and once it flickers on I hear her breathing absolutely stop.

"Oh baby, you should've seen this coming. I told you it would last as long as a week. It's been three days."

"Daddy, no. No, please. I do as you say. I follow instructions."

I carry her in and sit her on the chair, cuffing her to the armrests to take in the picture of her naked body, disgusting and abused and beaten. Ah, she struggles to get her arms free and every time she tugs a bit, her breasts bounce perfectly.

I have to savor this.

"Listen, I'll give you some more time since I'm getting hard again." I say unbuckling my belt and letting my pants and underwear be kicked off and left somewhere else. "I don't normally like to get off in this room. This is where I kill. Notice the blood that hasn't gone down the floor drain yet," I laugh. "But why not?"

It's not long before my hardness is in front of her, and she knows the fucking drill, lick the tip, kiss it, and swallow it all. Hands handle what can't fit in her mouth and I make sure to un-cuff one hand solely for the purpose.

"I'm almost there. When- fuck when I come don't swallow it. I'll tell you what to do with it." I throw my head back and force her to gag some more. "Take it all, you little brat. You want my come, don't you? You want to taste me. Fucking hell."

As soon as I release into her mouth, I pull her off instantly, loving the obscene popping noise that assaults my ears.

I catch my breath and then look at her again. My hand goes up to grope at her breasts, that aroused me to begin with. "Don't ever expect me to say this again, but I want you to spit it out. Spit my come between your breasts."

She looks up at me with confusion and all it takes to get her to do as I say is a flash of the knife from earlier and a quirk of my eyebrow.

I watch as my seed flows down her chest in the valley of my girlfriend's breasts. I smear some of it more in the space before leaning her chair in a better position and sticking my cock in between her large warm mounds.

"Oh god," I squeeze them together so that the hug my dick perfectly. "Fuck yes." Her silent tears just add to the lubrication and make my fucking her chest that much better. I allow myself to speed up, knowing that it's hurting her a bit. "Yerin,"

I feel myself approaching another climax and chase that feeling like my fucking life depends on it.

My head is thrown back and my eyes are screwed shut when she lets a strangled cry out, violating the rules but I don't stop. Instead, I just throw a hard slap across her face to shut her up (this room is sound proofed) and fuck her until my seed rains down covering her chest and my thighs.

"Oh, Min Yerin." I breathe raggedly before speaking up again, and tucking my now soft cock into my pants. "I need to go out. I'm supposed to be helping the guys look for you since you're now a missing person. While I'm gone, I guess I'll just leave you in here. This room is sound proofed but I keep a mic in here just in case. When I listen to the tape I better not hear a sound." I don't even have to threaten her to know that she'll listen to me.

"See you in a couple of days then, love."

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