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Chapter 19 : Maniac

"This is fucking insane. We've known her for almost eight years, Sangwoo-hyung for longer, but we can't think of one place where she could've gone." Yoonhyun slams his laptop shut, opened to research page centered around Royale. Comments about Yerin's disappearance keep popping up and news articles about her have taken over my notifications and every news and magazine outlet.

"If I don't take a break, I'll lose my damn mind." Yoonhyun stalks out of the room, finally at his limit for now.

Woosung gets up to replace him, opening the laptop. "I'll take over."

"I'll get you guys something to drink. I say in reference to the fact that we've been holed up for a few hours now.

Jimin follows me into the kitchen, muttering something about going to help me out, but doesn't say anything until we're both out of earshot of everyone else. "Hyung."

"Yes?" I answer, ignoring his honorific affection.

Jimin doesn't speak up for a second, but of course I know exactly why he's here. I know exactly why he's been looking for an opportunity to speak with me alone. I know he's relieved that I finally gave him an opening.

"Do you know where she is?" He reverts into a childlike person. He's shy and for the first time I can't tell if it's a façade. If Jimin is playing me by acting like this.

I follow my instincts.

"Yes, I know exactly where she is."

I start piling cans of soda, according to each members favorite type, in my arms and even give Jimin a couple. "Don't bother with any other questions because there's nothing anyone can do to find her."

He falters for a second but ultimately knows I've won here.

"What are you guys talking about?" Yoonhyun flickers on a lamp from the open concept living room, scaring the hell out of both Jimin and I.

Yoonhyun is the easily smartest out of us all. No one can easily get away with lying to him, especially not Jimin. That's why I have to beat him to the kill.

"He thinks I might know where Yerin could be," I look away to grab a few more cans. "You know, since I've known her longer. I'll be in my room and I'll think some more but I'm telling you guys, we're not close like that anymore."

He just nods. He doesn't press the matter any further.

It'll stay my secret. Min Yerim will be my secret for some time. Not much.

She doesn't have much time left.

•| intermission |•

He's been acting worse than usual. It scares him but he feels the worst guilt now. If the monster takes her he'll be her partial murderer and he's not sure if he could live with himself as that type of person.

He'll hate himself.

•| intermission |•

"Hyung, can we talk for a moment?" Haneul pokes his head in mind and Woosung's room.

Yoonhyun takes that as his cue to give us some privacy and closes the door behind him.

Han wastes no time. "Sangwoo-hyung left," He sits on the foot of my bed and crawls until he's hovering above me, arms on either side of me to support himself.

His lips kiss my forehead twice. "He wouldn't say where he was going and I thought about following him but..." His head falls to rest in my chest and he exhales deeply. "I'm so afraid of him."

My hands comb through the younger's hair and I let him hum in content with the feeling. He loves it.

"Me too, Hannie." My chest rises and I look down to see his wide eyes fluttering and starring across the room. He looks so innocent sometimes.

"How many times did he fuck you?"

I gag at the question. Where the hell did that come from? He smiles in amusement but doesn't move from his spot on top of me. "You're still a baby. Who taught you those words?"

He doesn't respond to my patronizing words, and instead keeps his question standing.

"I don't know. Twice before he did whatever he did with Yerin."

Haneul hums. "We only did it once. After he told me to tell Yerin that you were gay. I topped him too." He almost sounds proud.

"He payed you with sex?"

Han scoffs and shifts to look me in the eyes. "He did the same thing to you, didn't he? He played us both."

And it's at times like this that I find that Haneul is clearly smarter than we give him credit for.

"Wake up, wifey. I have a fun surprise for you." I rasp, savoring the fearful and initial shock her expression goes through. She looks like she was hoping everything that she's gone through so far was a dream. "This is all very real, baby." I say just in case I'm right.

I have her full attention now. "Do you smell that?" I crinkle my nose in mock disgust and proceed to look around my surroundings.

Yerin has become alert enough to take notice of the curtain on the left wall that wasn't there earlier. I hope she'll be able to see all of my hard work clearly even with the red lights

"Maybe it's coming from here?" I yank the curtain whimsically and take in her expression.

And I live for the horrible scream that comes from her when she sees her dead parents, hanging from my ceiling.

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