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Chapter 20 : Orphan

It's the worst feeling I've ever experienced. There's so many emotions crossing me right now that I'm afraid I might break for good here and now.

The feeling of being orphaned in an instant is heart wrenching. There's nothing worse.

The real kicker is the fact that the person that's doing this to you is someone you thought you were in love with. It's the fact that I was so damn sure that I could trust him. Jimin was actually right about this. He was right about it all.

"Look at them." He crosses his arms over his chest and stares at my parents. Their bodies are bare just like mine but covered in dried blood and stab wounds. "They called your phone. Said they wanted to visit you, and support your career or some bullshit like that. When they asked what your address was, you told them to come straight here."

I feel my stomach turning and lose what little food he's given me.

When I look up, Sangwoo honestly looks surprised, like he expected me to be stronger than this but also proud that he's broken me down. "Well, alrighty then."

He starts unshackling my chains and drags me across the room.

Instead I'm now in a seat with my legs chained to it. "You right handed or left handed?"

My voice cracks like hell and my throat burns from the screaming. "Left." I also know that if I refuse to answer he'll beat the hell out of me.

With this answer my left hand is now shackled to the arm of the chair. "We're going to play a game. I'll go get the other players." There's a sick quirk in his voice and I hate where this is going. I hate that this is the man that holds my life now.

It isn't long before he's dragging in his other 'players' in. They're kicking and screaming the same way I was and they're tied up too. By the sound of it, this girl he's caught is gagged. I pity her. I wish he'd leave his sadistic tendencies limited to just me because I'd rather me only have to endure shit like this. I have to force myself to not look back at the tragedy hanging from the wall.

When he forces the smaller girl to sit in the same position as me, shackling her right arm and her legs I finally look up to see her red, and tear streaked face.

"Taeri? Oh my god," My head turns to see Sangwoo simply smiling at me. She just starts trying to scream even more. "You bastard! Why are you doing this? She didn't do anything to deserve this!"

But when I think about it... neither did I. Min Sangwoo's type is innocent.

"Be quiet," He groans as he goes off into the same direction to pull in Jihye.

Although there's something different about the situation this time. "It was a bit more difficult getting her here. I had to go ahead and fix this one. If I hadn't, daddy would've gotten caught girls." He puts her in the seat next to me, as if he's trying make sure I get a good look at my future if I don't keep doing as he says.

Jihye doesn't say anything. It's not until he moves some of her pink hair back that we can see what he's done and what he means when he says he'll fix me. Thread keeps her lips together and it weaves in a crisscrossed pattern adorned with blood here and there.

He's literally sewed her mouth shut.

•| intermission |•

Experiences like this can destroy a person. Even if you do escape it, you can never return back to your normal life. Your existence has been reduced down to this.

You'll be better off dead.

•| intermission |•

Taeri, Jihye, and I watch as Sangwoo carries in our final member over his shoulder. "Hyeseong!" Taeri cries, finding her voice and it's clearer when it's not choked up by tears.

Hyeseong looks out of it and it's like she doesn't even hear Taeri's tiny voice. "This one was tough to kidnap as well. Drugged her up a little but it should being waring off any second now. We have to make sure she feels as much pain as the rest of you, right?"

Sangwoo situates her the same way as the rest of us.

A sick feeling erupts from my stomach but I choke the acidic bile down, knowing that Sangwoo won't let me go without consequence twice.

He proceeds to check all of our binds once more before he speaks up again, this time quieting the crying girls.

"I told you all the rules before I brought you in. If you're not going to follow them... I guess I get to punish you." He says in reference to the the fact that I'm the only one not sobbing. "Should be fun."

I know they can't help it, after seeing the hanging bodies from the ceiling that I refuse to let my eyes linger on.

Sangwoo pulls out a small blade and advances towards Taeri, touching her just before she screams. I have to look away but the only places to look are either my parent's bodies or Jihye's disfigurement.

Instead I watch as he, doesn't let the blade cut into her, but starts cutting a clean line up her stripped shirt until it's sliced off of her to showcase her small breasts and her pale skin.

"Little slut, no bra?" He says, ignoring her cries and teasing her nipples before he moves onto Jihye. He rips everyone else's clothes apart and delivers a sick laugh after taking in our bodies. Sangwoo leans down whisper in my ear.

"But not a single one of them will ever be as sexy as you are."

It's a sick compliment really, under these circumstances. "Wow, I have Royale here with me. How about a song ladies? I'm your biggest fan, I swear."

But none of us say anything. The girls have been reduced to silent tears as I used to be. I've cried all of my tears out.

"No?" He shrugs and the ripping of velcro fills our ears, then the clicking of metal. "Then we can just skip to the game."

Sangwoo runs a hand through his eyes platinum hair; that he must've done last night because his hair was a black with red streaks for their recent comeback.

The metal we heard is placed on the table, right in the middle, for us all to see.

It's a gun, and from the sound of it's heft, it's not fully loaded.

"Ladies, the game is Russian Roulette. Winner takes all."

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