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Chapter 21 : Winner

What has my world been reduced to in a week? What has Min Sangwoo turned me into?

"I'm sure you already know the rules," He starts stalking around the table, circling us. "I have my own version though."

He winds a finger into Hyeseong's shoulder length white hair but notices the mint green ends. I know that he was about to say that he's the only one that can have this color, or some stupid shit like that, but let it slide due to the multi-coloration. He settles for take the hair tie out of Taeri's orange-blonde half-up-half-down style and tying Hyeseong's hair into a short tail that swings when she turns her head.

I went through the same thing when I got here. He spent the first day playing with my black hair and complimenting the purple highlights (for the debut) in between each blowjob I gave him.

"The original game is players going in a circle, holding the gun to their head and trying to see who gets the bullet, there's only one." He explains.

"My version is better though. Instead I have three bullets,"

I already feel sick. Maybe I should shoot all three into myself to save the others from dealing with this psychopath's bullshit.

No, then he'd just reload it with two bullets and continue without me. I'm their leader and to do that would endanger them further.

"You'll go in a circle but instead of holding the gun to your own head you'll aim it at another player. The only thing... the only thing that makes it easy is that this revolver has a five bullet capacity that means the blanks could be in between each bullet, or they could be wherever the fuck I want them. You guys understand?"

I'm the only one that nods. He can't get angry because I'm the only one that's broken in. I'm the only one that knows what happens without obedience.

"Let's stop wasting time then, or I'll shoot you all." He doesn't mean it. I know him too well. If anything he'll kill them but keep me and it sickens me to my very core. "Hyeseong is up first."

She squeaks and struggles to grip the gun properly.

That's why he chained our primary hands. Protection.

He has to ensure that we're only strong enough to aim at each other being as close as we are, and not strong enough to aim at him.

He's not given enough credit, is he?

"It's okay, Yessie." I try to calm her. That responsibility falls on me, since I'm the oldest. I'm the only one that knows what's happening here.

Jihye whines next to me as Hyeseong shakily aims at her. Her ragged breaths are muffled due to her mouth's abuse.

A thin line of blood seeps from the corner where she is trying to pull the thread but he sewed it too well.

"Shoot. You have five seconds or I'll kill you both."


I'm hushed with a cold glare. "Don't call me that." He grits his teeth before returning his attention to the scene in front of all of us.

Tears fall from Hyeseong eyes like a waterfall, as she pulls the trigger and squeezes her eyes shut.

There's a loud pop and then nothing but smoke. Jihye is still alive.

"Only one blank left, girls."

I calculate the odds of me getting a bullet if I were to be aimed at next. He said that he didn't leave them in a pattern, which could mean anything but the chances of a bullet being in the next one are better than it not. Whoever gets aimed a next will surely die and that's what cracks me.

This really is just a game to him.

•| intermission |•

Wouldn't it be better to make someone else feel pain if it ensures that you wouldn't? I'd only get to live another day; only if I made sure that they didn't.

I'm sorry but that's just not how I operate. I refuse.

•| intermission |•

"Tae, you're next." He refers to Taeri as her stage name, which comes across as taunting.

Taeri looks up at him with big eyes before taking the gun in her weaker hand and aiming it at Jihye.

There's not even enough time to think. It's all happening too fast. The loud bang and then the muffled scream. There's blood everywhere. Not thinking about this, been put in the situation, I've never seen someone get shot in my life.

Not until I watch one of my group members kill another. She can't even scream properly because she's been fixed.

This girl is dead. I pity her, being aimed at twice in a row. She didn't have a chance in this game, because the other two made it that way. Maybe they're not cruel though. She was in obvious pain because of her fixing. They set her free of that. More than anything I envy her. She's free of this nightmare.

"Three girls, two bullets, one blank. This is really getting interesting, yeah? You're up next, wifey."

I was dreading it more than anything. How could I do this to them? I'm their leader. They look up to me as the strong one, but here I am weaker than ever and now holding a gun to Taeri's head.

"This time shoot it twice. Just to see what happens." Sangwoo takes a black bag from the shelf with bold white words on it that read 'to burn'. I watch in horror from the corner of my eye as he packs Jihye into it without emotion. "Now, Minmin."

My stomach can barely handle him calling me by that but I look back at my target. "Be heartless, babe. Kill or be killed." He whispers.

I don't think about it. Making peace with having blood on my hands for however long the rest of my life lasts.

I pull the trigger once nothing. A second time, she's dead.

I. Just. Killed. Someone.

"You're making me so hard for you right now."

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