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Chapter 22 : Collide

"Let's end the game here. It wouldn't be much more fun if there's only two of you. Yerin, remind me to get more players next time I want to play this game."

He packs the gun away, still two bullets left and straps it onto his waist holster. It looks in place on him, matching all of the black he's wearing that's contrasting his white hair and his snowy pale skin.

"D-Daddy," I start, making sure he doesn't hit me. When it's safe to speak I test my luck even more. "Can we come out of this room?"

I would quite rather not stay in a room full of the corpses of my friends and family and Hyeseong looks like she's going to lose it any second now.

He ponders my question for a moment. "The only reason I'd let you guys out for a while is if you could do something for me in return. Can either of you do something for me in return?" He smirks, and everyone that's still alive knows exactly what he wants. I don't want to touch this guy, this guy that forced me to kill my friends. I'm not sure if I can handle it. Not in the condition I'm in, although I've had to do it for days.

Nevertheless, I'm still Royale's leader. It's still my responsibility to take care of them even if there's only two of us left.

"I-I'll do it." Hyeseong speaks up from her spot, still looking at the bag containing the girl that I killed. "I'll help."

He contemplates, looking the girl over one, twice before nodding. "Alright, you both can come out for one day."

This is all he says before moving to take the chains from our chairs and then wrapping them around both of our wrists. "Yerinie first, wrap you arms around my neck." I do as he says, not missing his soft brown eyes. His hands grope my ass and supports me all the way into his bedroom. The sunlight irritates my eyes and this forces me to nuzzle my face into his neck.

I can already feel him smirking. "Can I trust you to shower alone without trying anything? I don't have to do it for you baby, but I gladly will if you want me to."

He turns on the black light for his room so that I can look at him appropriately. "I can do it but I need you to help me."

I've been chained up in the red room for almost a week. There's no way I could stand up and do anything like that on my own so for now, I'm going to let myself depend on him.

He carries me into a room designated simply for a shower and it's about the same size of a regular room. There's a rain shower head already turned on. I guess he was about to go in after the game.

"Can't get enough of me?" He wets his lips with his pink tongue. "Don't worry, I'm saving that for the other one. You're safe for now." He presses his body against mine, the only one wearing clothes. I'm forced against the shower wall.

"Maybe I don't want to be safe." He's dead silent for minute, analyzing my eyes and do my best to keep a straight face.

•| intermission |•

The only way to escape a psychopath is to participate in his game. Make him trust you. Let him have you. Then when he least expects it...

Kill or be killed.

•| intermission |•

"What are you doing?" He trails off, letting me know that this question is rhetorical.

I give an answer anyway by pressing my lips against his, the chains probably digging into the back of his neck.

I can feel him giving himself to me, not caring the the water we're positioned under is ruining his clothes and just getting colder.

He moans into the kiss as I feel the fabric of his jeans rutting against me, moving my body rhythmically.

"Daddy." I throw my head back as a sign of submission, letting him latch his lips onto me. Then his teeth mimic the movement.

"Is this your way of agreeing to be my bitch?" His voice rasps harshly in my ear as he keeps thrusting his knee up and down my sensitive area, getting me closer to my peak. "Do you want me to give it to you? The same way I gave it to when when I took your virginity?"

Shock courses through my veins but I don't impulsively ask him questions. I know exactly what he's talking about.

The day after I snuck into Jimin's room, I was suspicious that the guy I was really on top of wasn't him but things worked out between Jimin and I so I didn't say anything. Look where that got me. I know he doesn't hate me though. He's just obsessed with me.

My thoughts wander back to the day we met. The photo album called her wasn't pictures of him and a past girlfriend. He was stalking me.

"Yes, ah~" I gasp out. "I want to be yours. All yours."

And the moans and lies collide so well that he can't even tell them apart.

"Listen to me," Sangwoo doesn't bother to grab a condom although I know he keeps them in all of the rooms. "If you're playing me, I will end you. I won't care and it won't at all matter how much I love you. I will kill you, Yerin. Then I'll hang your body up too. You think I won't do it to you?"

His words make me sick. They make me hate him. I want to kill him and after what he's done to us, I will.

For now, I keep moaning as he nails me against the shower wall with water splashing all around us. "You're so tight. I fucking love it."

He groans until I feel him releasing into me, and then a thin line of it running down my thigh.

He's out of breath (I am not) but Sangwoo speaks up anyway. "I'll make you a deal, princess."

He makes me stand on my own and keeps his hands on either side of my head.

"Your time isn't up just yet. If you can get me to... stop being heartless. If you can get me to fall in love with you... if you can fix me," He starts tearing up, I can tell that it's not water beating onto his complexion from the shower head.

"I won't kill you."

I contemplate his proposition although I know that he's decided for me. I don't get a choice in this.

I have to find Min Sangwoo's heart or he's going to kill me.

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