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Chapter 23 : Envy

My baby girl is a natural at being insane.

It's one of those days. I let the girls come out of the torture room after being absent for three days.

I couldn't be around after the guys noticed a bloodstain on my jacket last time. I played it off as sauce from a bowl of kimchi but it wasn't easy.

This is just one of those days where you can hear the downpour of rain from inside the apartment walls.

Hyeseong pants beneath me, her body tightening. This signals that she's getting close.

"Wrap your legs around my waist." I grit my teeth and feel my cock stop leaking only to let a spray of my come shoot into her. Hyeseong squeals at the sudden feeling but I feel her letting her liquid release soon as well.

Yerin is resting after getting punished last. That's why I'm here. That's the only reason I settled for her. I had to get off and this one was around at the right time.

Simple as that.

As soon as I finish I get off of the panting girl and grab some rope. "I need to go back home for some more time than usual so you're going back into the room. I'll be gone for long enough that you're not starved though."

It's been more than a week. It's been more than two, and three but Min Yerin has managed to talk herself into getting more time. It's not helping. Just postponing her inevitable death.

Nothing anyone can say, will ever change me but it's fun to watch her try. It's just the way that I was meant to be but not born as.

Hyeseong has far learned now to not struggle when I'm binding her up, and as a reward I only do her arms and ankles.

Yerin on the other hand, although she's the first one to be broken in, has not learned this lesson. Which means she in a full body bind.

Hyeseong yelps as I roughly latch my lips onto hers, swallowing up the cute sound but I'm pretending this girl I'm hovering over is Yerin. I can't enjoy fucking anything unless it's her.

"Hyeseong, will you answer a question for me?" I stare into her wide and bewildered brown eyes.

"Of course I will, Daddy."

I never even asked her to call me that. I didn't care if she called me Sangwoo, actually I'd quite prefer it. She's just desperate and I can hardly get hard enough for her unless I'm thinking of the other.

"Will you..." I pretend that I'm afraid and shy, forcing her to crave this question and guaranteeing an instant yes. "Never mind, I don't think I can handle asking you this."

"Wait! Please say it. I won't regret it or anything. You can say it."

But I don't love her, and she's nothing but a toy.

Instead I throw her over my shoulder and carry her to the room, illuminated by red lights and attach a chain from the ground to her leg. I leave her there on the ground, starring at me in wondrous fear and I just close the heavy steel door in her face.

•| intermission |•

If you're still crying in pain, it means you're just not get hit hard enough.

•| intermission |•

Hyeseong cries as I walk toward the only room I let Yerin roam in for now. It's safe to say that she's more of a roommate now than a hostage.

"You hungry?" She plainly asks, getting up from her spot at the table and walking to the pantry.

I can't help but admire her curves as she's wearing nothing but a shirt of mine, her bare ass for me to see. "A little." My eyes rake over her exposed clit and I can feel my mouth watering, my member hardening once again.

"Have you ever given an ice cream blowjob?" I ask, as she's coincidentally bent over for me to put my hands on her hips and being her ass to my clothed pelvis.

I know she hasn't. I start pushing her back and forth so that she's hitting my hardness. "I haven't." Yerin yelps towards the end of her answer and I can feel her wetness and the need to lick it all up.

Instead of following that instinct, I stretch over and grab a carton of ice cream from the freezer. "Hope mint chocolate is cool." She stands up and watches me getting a spoon and nods. I can help but admire how perfect she looks in my clothes, blue and black tips of her hair still drying. Her comeback color of purple has faded to a dark blue and eventually it'll be black like the rest of her waist length ringlets.

"How do I..." She looks away, shyly.

"Just put a scoop in your mouth and suck. Every time you run out in your mouth, pop another scoop in." I explain, hoping it's enough instruction and hoping she easily pulls this off.

Yerin doesn't look completely sold on the idea, but I'm aware that she knows she doesn't have a choice anyway.

"I don't expect your first time doing this to be perfect or anything. Just do your best," I assure her, unbuttoning my jeans and taking my cock out to pump myself a few times. By now, I'm fully hard. "I'll guide you through it, only if you want."

She nods and doesn't waste anymore time getting to her knees. "Just make me feel good, and I'll reward you." My hands stroke through her long hair that I'm glad she never cut. I watch her take the spoon from my hands and prepare herself.

I know she's never liked ice cream, never liking the temperature so her tongue isn't used to it when it's in her mouth. She wastes no time swallowing the entirety of my cock, gagging a bit. "Slow down."

And it's so cold in her hot mouth. There's ice cream everywhere. It's beautifully messy and disgustingly erotic. The temperature fucks with me for a minute, throws me for a loop, because it's warm then it's cold. Then it's warm again because she keeps swallowing it all. "Another scoop, babygirl." She set the carton next to her, to avoid us passing it back and fourth. "Oh, shit Min."

My hips instinctively buck, nailing her in the back of her throat. She seems to be enjoying it enough or at least wants to live bad enough to perform well.

Her dark brown eyes meet mine and they hold this look of pure sin. She's calling me daddy with her eyes. She's moaning with her eyes. Her eyes hold power.

"Fuck," I silently groan, fucking into her mouth. "I know what I have to do now, Yerinie."

I'm reeling from possibly the best blowjob I've ever received when my senses re-sharpen and I'm thrown off of my cloud nine.

"Let's go to the red room."

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