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Chapter 24 : Breast

I don't know what I'm becoming but I know, for sure, that Sangwoo is making me insane just like him.

My plan is slightly backfiring. It's the ultimate goal to get out of this building. I don't care how sound proof it is, there's got to be someone that can help me. It doesn't matter if I kill Sangwoo in the process.

He's the one that taught me to kill... or be killed.

"Ah!" I squeal in pain when he gives my left nipple a particularly harsh suck. I try not to complain about it though, knowing he'll just double it out of spite.

"I'm sorry." He kisses me on the afflicted area.

It's different now. I think I might be succeeding in his stupid challenge of finding his stupid heart, of teaching him how to love someone.

My hands bury in his white locks and I turn my fake persona on. "It's okay," He looks up to see my eyes and I fill them with as much genuine feeling as possible. "I love you."

He smiles at me and this almost feels real for a moment. The red room is less hellish, with the bodies all gone it's just the two of us and I'm too focused on my escape to continue mourning.

"Daddy, pay attention to me." Hyeseong whines from her chained up position across the room.

"I've told you to shut the fuck up like ten times!" A flash of light bouncing in the corner of my eye indicates that he's had it with the whining girl and has pulled his notorious favorite knife on her.

The psychopath stalks over to her and glares before snapping his fingers at me without a look. "Come."

It's a simple command that you'd give to a dog. Disgustingly degrading, and I hate it him for it.

"Kim Hyeseong, you're becoming less valuable to me. You were just around when I needed to get off and the princess wasn't feeling it. I couldn't possibly think of taking my princess without her consent but consent isn't a problem anymore," I stay on my knees which works out because he's becoming accustomed to petting my head.

"Yerinie," He says sternly and savoring the look he gets back from me. "Have you noticed that Yessie-ah has bigger breasts than you?"

I don't get a chance to answer the question because he's steering this 'conversation' in his own favor.

"I'd hate for her to feel like she's in competition in her own home."

The way he refers to his hostage house as my home makes me sick.

"Maybe we should just... cut your boobs off Hyeseong."

That's when she starts screaming. No, it's closer to her whining and begging him even offering sexual favors to get herself out of this situation.

I know that he's set on this gruesome idea. Sangwoo will love every second of ripping my friend's chest apart. I'll probably throw up and look away.

"Sangwoo, you would really do that to me? You love my chest." Tears are streaking her face.

"No, you're wrong. I would do that to you. I'd make a game of it." He spits harshly at her, only resulting in her receiving my pity and him receiving her tears. "Maybe I won't do that to you anyway."

I can tell he loves he look of relief that crosses our expressions. Her tears just barely stop and my heart stops thumping so violently.

"Yerin is going to do it."

•| intermission |•

I know it's not anyone's fault that she ended up in this situation and it's not anyone's fault that I did. I can't blame her for it. I can't punish her for it.

But since it comes down to me or her? It's going to be me and that's the end of it.

•| intermission |•

Hyeseong doesn't lose her look of relief. In fact, it gets a bit arrogant although her tears don't stop. "She won't do it. She not a killer."

It's one thing I've never liked about my band mate. She's too cocky for her own good. She's nothing but a young blood.

"Sangwoo, please don't make me do something like this."

I can feel my own chest hurting just from thinking about it. Hyeseong doesn't deserve this.

"I've made you do everything I wanted. Yerin, baby, this is the last thing I want. I want you to torture somebody that you love." He's trying to break me, mentally and I'm letting him.

I've hated every moment I've spent in this apartment.

I hate him.

Sangwoo forces the black knife into my hands and gives me a look that says I'll regret not listening to him.

He crouches behind me and rests his hands on my shoulders. "It's easy. Remember when you shot Taeri? This is just doing the same thing, just takes a bit longer." He pats my hand and shuffles me a bit closer to Hyeseong's laying down form. "There aren't even any bones in this part. Should cut like butter."

I feel sick. Sick in every way. I can't believe I'm about to put a friend through this agony to save my own ass. I've lost the right to ever be respected.

Yet, I still find myself gently lifting her left one up. I find myself taking his advice of blocking out the screams of my victim. It makes the so much easier.

"Lift the knife to the base of where it starts. Underneath..." He instructs me, making sure that if I'm going through with it; I'll at least do it right.

"You can either take a nice clean cut, make it quick, or you can saw it off slowly."

I choose the latter, actually taking my time. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right. Hyeseong screams when a thin line of blood runs across her stomach and pools into her navel.

"Yerin, stop!" Now she's really screaming and I put the knife down out of distraction. "I can't concentrate on it." I whisper.

Sangwoo looks at me in shock, not really believing that I'd make it this far so fast. "I'll fix it."

When he says fix it, I picture Jihye's mouth all sewn up with bloody white threads meeting on her lips but he doesn't go that far. Instead he settles for stuffing a ratty face towel in her mouth. Her pained sounds are muffled for now, and this allows me to continue sawing.

I can visibly see her go into shock and the knowledge of her really feeling it all at once makes this less difficult.

Not long after, am I finally holding a bloody mass of disgusting, and oozing flesh that was once attached to my friend. It's more messy than I thought it would be and I don't know if I can stomach taking off the next one. Her body is covered in the fluids from the violating I just ensued upon her. I have to move on to the next one. Finish the job. There's nothing but pain in her eyes, that and betrayal; as if to ask me how I could do something like this to her.

It's easy. Really, when you think about it.

Just be heartless.

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