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Chapter 25 : Heartless

The concrete of the floor is stained red and no amount of scrubbing can save it. Yerin really did this. She did it for me. She didn't shed a single tear. Maybe I can keep loving her without torturing her like this.

"She's dead," I mumble to Yerin; who's trying to fall asleep on my bed. "She bleed to death about an hour ago."

Yerin has grown so used to having one of her wrist tied to a bed post, for security purposes, that she's not even struggling anymore.

Thinking about it, there are a lot of new things blossoming in her personality lately.

I haven't seen any tears, heard any screams, or seen any hesitation when she killed her friend in there.

When we're together, we're having sex. It's not like I'm using her. She wants it.

She just nods at the news of her friend's death and then tries falls back asleep, but it's short lived. "Min, are you okay?" I crawl into bed and place a hand on her cheek.

"Yes, I'm fine." And she looks genuine so I don't push her on the subject. Instead, I give her a gentle kiss but it's her that deepens it. "Untie me."

I know where this is going so I obey her just this once.

It's like she's turned into a completely new person. She's on top of me before I can even blink. This girl was nothing more than a paper doll when I brought her here. I brought her here to kill her.

I'm letting my hands run over the expanse of her body, my lips doing the same. "This wasn't part of the plan." I whine.

She barely answers me while taking off my clothes and touching my erected shaft. "What?"

It's all happening too fast or not fast enough. I can't tell anymore.

"I didn't want to love you like this, Yerin."

If anything she was expecting me to say this. She already knew where I was going, as I thrust into her and let her take over. I groan at the girl bouncing on me, but still looking over me in concern.

"But I love you so much. I could never hurt you again. I need you to," She reaches to the bedside and grabs me a few tissues. "Stay with me."

•| intermission |•

He should've seen this coming. I was weak and soft when he brought me here. He turned me into a copy of himself.

He forced me to become heartless just like him.

•| intermission |•

"Yerin..." He whispers, holding my hips so that I'm still riding him. "Answer me!"

This is a sick love between us. It's monstrous and it's dirty. It's wrong.

There are more tears leaking from his eyes. I made him weak. His weakness is my ticket out of here.

I move my hand towards the bedside as if I'm grabbing more tissues for him, but my hand grabs the knife I planted while he was in the incineration room.

"Fuck," Sangwoo groans coming up on his orgasm. I still haven't answered his question formed as a statement. He's forcing me down harder and digging his nails into the flesh of my hips.

I don't make my move until I feel that familiar sensation of him releasing inside of me. That's it. I don't dottle around either. Before he can even take a breath my hand; that he so foolishly agreed to untie is gripping his hair and my dominant hand is holding the knife to his neck. The edge of the blade just barely grazes his Adam's apple and there's a thin trail of blood falling across his chest from that spot.

"Didn't even see it coming." He tries his best to catch his breath but I'm too harsh.

"Do you have any idea what you've done to me?" A lone tear falls down my cheek but that's the last of them. "Adjectives that describe me include sick things thanks to you. I want you to list them all and I might spare your life. Go."

Yoongi takes a moment to process exactly what I'm doing to him. "Orphan." He starts, it's insulting really.

"Unpredictable." He describes the position we've found ourselves in, his cock still inside of me and a blade pressed against his skin. "You're beautiful."

"Stop flattering me and keep listing."

"Is that any way to speak with your daddy?" He continues as I say when I give his neck another slight graze, drawing more blood.

"Tough as shit."

I give him a tsk, but he keeps listing. "Broken."

"Don't be cliché. Get serious."

He has to think for a moment, as if he can't recount what he's done to me or something. "Tragic. Simple. You're... tired."

I roll my eyes although he's right. Figuratively, I haven't had mental or emotional rest and I haven't slept either.

"Would you like it if I cut your nipples off? I don't think you'd enjoy the way it feels. Ask Hyeseong. Oh, wait! You can't."

"Who's fault is that?"

"It's yours. That wouldn't have happened if you'd just..."

But really I didn't have to do that to her. There were other other alternatives. If I hadn't, he would've. Is it better having something like that done to you by a friend?

"I don't have the heart to kill you like this."

"The heart or the balls?"

He gets another tsk from me. The comfort I felt around him, in the beginning of it all and now we're at the end. I feel nothing, not even that happiness that he caused me. When he smiled at me, it was the greatest thing I'd ever experienced.

I'm smiling at him now. "Maybe being tied up here and starving to death will suit you better?"

Tears are welled up in his eyes. "That's not your style. You wanna be messy about it. You want me to feel it. You're just like me."

"I'm nothing like you!"

A tear adorns his pale skin and I just want to know what reduced this psychopath to this pathetic mess beneath me. What snapped?

"I don't understand why you're doing this. You won. I love you."

"You always felt that way. I felt that way too, but it didn't stop you from killing my friends and family. It didn't stop you from having the desire to break me."

I don't know what's snapping in me as well but I can't stop myself from cutting the knife deep into his throat. I just don't have the guts to cut fatally so I can only hope this truly gets the job done.

"You wanted me to feel like this."

His body is convulsing but something seems off by his actions.

"I want to be immune to other people's pain as well." I smile sickly. Watching him like this, on the brink of death, is more satisfying than anything.

"I guess I do want to be just like you, Daddy."

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