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Chapter 26 : Finale

"Did I just watch you earn your first Daesang award?" I mumble into her ear, feeling the tears start spilling over the edges of my eyes and taking over my vision.

She doesn't answer now that we're backstage. Yerin is back to herself. She's sullen, and emotionless. It's a contrast to her stage face, full of happiness.

"I know you're not going to say anything but I have lots to say. Yerin, I'm so proud of you." I have to whisper this praise to her. "I love you so much." My tears are destructive against her sequined dress but when she goes back out, no one will have noticed.

It's another five minutes before she hears her stage name come back out.


It stands for Min Yerin, she once told me and explained the meaning of it to me. I remember that pain she felt recounting him.

She debuted as a solo artist three years after police tore apart Sangwoo's dungeon, discovering things that I couldn't have possible imagined in my hyung's possession.

Yerin was hysterical afterwards. She mumbled things about Sangwoo being dead in the master bedroom. Something about being guilty over killing him.

They never found a body though.

•| intermission |•

I have absolutely nothing to say about what I've been through and the pain I experienced through it.


•| intermission |•

"For her hit single, 'Tradedy,' Minye wins for best breakout artist of the year."

It's deafening. Not really the crowd screaming for me but it's deafening hearing my stage name called over the screams.

I walk out on stage, completely transforming. And they all love my smile, despite the lies behind it.

There's an acceptance speech prewritten for me and all of those countless hours of memorizing it are for nothing.

Everyone sees it. That red dot that starts on my chest, then ends up on my forehead.

There are hundreds bodyguards here and not one of them could stop him.

I knew it was coming. He's about to shoot me.

I regret not checking to make sure Min Sangwoo was completely dead. It's not long before I'm bleeding on the stage. It's over. The game is over. He wins.

And I lose.

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