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Chapter 3 : Attention

I'm shaken, but excited. I kissed him. I mean, not on the lips but in general. The skin of his cheeks so warm and soft.

My walk back to the front door is mortifying. I can feel his eyes burning on my back. My heart is beating so rapidly that I can barely breathe all the way up the stairs.

The heated pitch blackness of this night is closing in on me, just reminding me of how much of a mistake it was to kiss a total stranger.

He was so inviting though and whether or not he's dangerous; it was so worth it.

When I finally make it back to the front door, I wave at him like a child.

I can barely see through the bright haze of Sangwoo's van headlights, that he's waving back and then he's driving away down the street leaving me to wonder.

Will I ever see him again?

I make it up to my room and take immediate notice of the clothes that have been clearly set out by my, erratic, mother.

I've got about an hour to hurry up and get to the high school for our graduation.

As I dress myself in the nicest dress I've ever put on in my life, only to cover it with the black cap and gown, my thoughts never cease.

I should've gotten his number or some contact information. I shouldn't have just gotten out like that.

Most girls would find that incredibly creepy, a man just driving up on the school grounds and offering to take this girl away on the last day of school like a movie.

Claiming that all he really wanted was a friend before he moved away to the exact same place she's going to within days for college.

This doesn't make much sense and it's all too convenient.

Damn it. I already miss him.

I miss him, and I don't even know him.

"And now we welcome Yerin Oh, class president and valedictorian, to the stage for a few words."

I walk up on stage and take my diploma like it's the prize I've hyped it to be all four years of high school.

All before my eyes land on a singled out figure in the crowd.

One with pitch black hair and a mysterious smirk.

He makes my heart beat impossibly faster.

•| intermission |•

There was a girl who was hard-working and unsure. There was a man who was completely sure of what he wanted.

He wanted her.

•| intermission |•

He's gone before I can approach him, but I spot his van cruising slowly and trying not to draw any attention to himself.

I approach him with a smirk and rest my head on his windowsill. "Miss me?" I joke.

"I missed your lips." He captures me in a kiss and I make no action to deny his mouth, not caring about the people here. It's exactly what I expected it to be.

When I pull away, a deep blush covers my face like a sheet. "Hop in,"

I look around to see if my parents are anywhere to be seen. My eyes land on them socializing with parents of other graduates.

"So what's it like graduating high school?" He pokes his cheek with his tongue and navigates his bulking vehicle through crowds of excitable parents and former students. "I never did."

"Brutally underwhelming. My parents completely made it about them. They didn't even ask me if I wanted to go to a grad party. You know, they want me to act like a fucking adult but they think they can still boss me around like a kid. Fuck that. I can't wait to get out of here." I vent to him, as we pass nothing but pitch black skies.

"Then let's go," He says plainfully, and keeps his eyes on the road.

I look at him. "What?"

"What's stopping you?" He laughs. "Everything is packed and flown to your dorm in Korea and it's not like you're not an adult. Your flight leaves tomorrow morning, right? I'll just take you right now."

I look at Sangwoo incredulously, "You're joking, right? Just bail on everyone?"

He smirks and takes a turn in the direction of the airport without even looking, scaring me shitless I might add. "Like I said, who's stopping you?"

I ponder his words. I'm an adult now. I can do what I want. Sangwoo pulls into an empty lot next to the airport. "What are you doing?" I ask him as he pulls takes my phone out of my hands, American Airlines screen illuminating his actual features.

"Alright, I canceled your ticket in coach."

"Wait-" He holds a finger up to hush me with a knowing smile. He turns his car off. "And you have a private jet? Who the fuck are you, James Bond?" I joke, looking at literally everything with curiosity.

"I wish, but no. Just have rich friends."

I nod understandingly, before sitting down across from Sangwoo.

"I can't believe I let you convince me to do this." I squeal.

"But you're happy you did it." Sangwoo crouches in front of me, and leans in to kiss me again. I pull away having him just barely miss my lips.

"Maybe... we should get to know each other a little?" I smile, awkwardly.

"Of course."

There's a fourteen hour flight to the country of my dreams by which I get to know a man.

This man became my best friend.

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