Fallen Roses 🥀

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A rose is a beautiful thing to begin with however, when it’s not looked after it begins to wither away until every last petal drops. Rene was always bullied constantly for being fat and due to his lack of self respect he lets himself be the lackey of everyone else. Due to his built up anger he always scolds his Mum at home. When his Mum sees his state at school she takes him out to save his life. But this isn’t no cliche story, instead of getting buff he becomes under weight and instead of getting a stronger mentality he goes a little insane. Only a few more petals left saved to fall of in the asylum. 🥀

Drama / Romance
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Have you ever had the feeling that you don’t even care what people say about you anymore because no matter what you do or how you change they’ll always have the same perspective of you, that’s how I feel, My name is Rene and my life is kinda crazy...


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