Dystopian Utopia

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It was the year of chaos once again. Madness has descended on the world. Unfortunately, the seekers had enough of watching over such destructive society. Sent out to liberate and reform one country the most wrecked over the rest. It was a present political rage and past societal stability, destruction of power and reconstruction of hierarchy. The seekers are ready to make an example of how dangerous a utopia can be.

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The Inquisition's Verdict

The room was dimly lit, nothing but screens lighting up every space known occupied by... the seekers. None was smiling at the moment, a look of frustration and boredom mirroring their expressions.

"America has declared war against... Iran. Should this be our call?" One murmured, transferring the article to the main screen in the middle of the rectangular table for everyone to see.

"I think what we should worry is a chinese versus russian world war 3, god help their egos."

The oldest of them bit her lip. "The memes are surfacing, I suppose these are previews and sneak peeks for the possible events.

"The plague hasn't even entered the second great harvest and the morons are already enforcing military deployments... ah the sight of your toys rounding their own destruction." A teen fiddled with a syringe in one hand.

"Vaccines... oh what a malarky. They can't even release a vaccine for the SARS and they expect a good outcome of probability on the effectiveness of that bullshit."

They chuckled. Human stupidity and derangement at it's finest as they all thought.

Until a red message popped up on the monitors.

"Liandreda is in chaos. Begin extraction in the next seven days."

The group was hackled from the message. "Liandreda? That small country off coast middle of Philippines and China?"

"Why should we start the extraction on---"

Another message popped up.

"China has started amassing lands more than they need and America started deploying the bases. The doomsday effect is a quarter in progress."

The seekers gave a grunt, wearing dark looks.

"We need to restart and remind them from where they came from."

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