Ray Of Hope

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Summer was on his way to work when he saw something that changed his life. Inspired by my Dad who saved a life.

Drama / Thriller
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Chapter 1

I was driving to work when I looked up and saw someone, someone on the bridge.He was just standing there looking out at the big, blue sea.He turned his head slightly and I saw a tear run down his face, then I knew I had to do something.

I parked my car and ran to the side walk below the guy, "It's not worth it" I screamed loudly, he didn't even turn around he just stood their keeping his glance at the calm ocean.I had to get closer to him.

I looked around and saw a ladder going straight up to the boy.I quietly climbed up the rusty red ladder,when I reached him I slowly wrapped my arm around his waist and planted my feet into the bridge so I wouldn't fall.

He turned around and stared into my eyes, his eyes were filled with pain.I grabbed his hands and urged him forward, He looked at me and climbed down the ladder.When we were both safely on the ground the man hugged me, we both just stood their hugging.

Suddenly the large crowd around us all started clapping.Me and the man looked up and that was the point when I noticed how cute he was, his hair was brown and slick back, his eyes were a beautiful sea blue and on his cheeks were dimples.

The man looked at me and smiled, his cute dimples showing, he thanked me and introduced himself as Danny.

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