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Nikki is having the best time of her life and she’s graduating next year! Nothing could go wrong right? But there are emotional stakes that she and her friends cannot ignore, and then there’s the tea with Chad and Nikki’s gamerboy crush

Drama / Humor
Millie Sanders
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Chad, the last one is on your left!” I yell into my mic. His bulky avatar takes out his sniper and aims for the enemy hiding behind the rock. The enemy can’t see him through the bushes, Chad takes the shot and the round ends.

V⃣I⃣C⃣T⃣O⃣R⃣Y⃣ T⃣O⃣ i⃣r⃣l⃣l⃣y⃣s⃣u⃣k⃣ A⃣N⃣D⃣ C⃣H⃣A⃣Z⃣Z⃣O⃣M⃣A⃣Z⃣Z⃣O⃣

Chad’s voice comes through my headphones. “Nikki, aren’t you going to change your username any sooner?”

“Nah. I do suck at Rules Of Survival.” I reply.

He laughs. “Well, I can bet that you are better than legit every single girl on the universe.” He’s always this cheesy, but still the best partner on the battlefield, and my greatest pal in real life.

“Sweetie Nikki, your brother wants to have a turn on the computer.” Mom’s irritating but angelic voice floats down from the stairs. It is MY computer.

I return to my game and tell Chad that I have to go.

“Ha, I need to as well cause this internet café closes damn early. Another round tomorrow? It’s the last week of summer holidays.” He asks me.

“Nup,” I reply, “I’m having a girls day out at a beach tomorrow. I need to be ‘social’.”

“When’s the next ‘Chad special’ appearing on your channel?” He asks with a mock tone. We laugh, then say a quick goodbye.

I log out, take my headphones off and rush upstairs before my mom has to shout again. Ulysses is already waiting for me at the doorway with a huge grin on his face.

“Can you play the grey dinosaur game with me, Kiki?” He looks at me with puppy eyes and lead him back to my computer. I lift him on my lap and load the game, then watch him play.

The game is simple, the ‘grey dinosaur’ needs to jump over the obstacles. If you hit a obstacle, well, you die. My brother is pretty decent at this game, especially for a 4 year old.

Half an hour passes and we are ready to leave the basement. Ulysses asks me if he can play the X-box when I’m not at home tomorrow. I tell him, “It’s up to Mom, your eyes need to be good, so you can’t play too many games.” He rolls his eyes, and we head upstairs to the living room.

Mom sees us and shakes her head.

“You play too much, just hope you focus more on your studies my girl.” she says. Mom honestly doesn’t need to worry about that.

Ulysses stays downstairs with Mom and I head upstairs to my room.

Picking up my phone, I flick through the latest tea in the past couple of hours.

Maie: I’m so jellows

Suri: lol u don’t have to b

Leona: smae

Leona: not your fault you can’t come

Nadia: haha

Maie: 😐

Nadia: lucky i was already in country after the bigass NASA trip

Suri: now u make me jellows

Maie: what’s so cool about space anyways...


Nadia: chill

Maie: maybe find some hotties!!!!

Leona: OMG


Suri: omfg YES

Maie: i don’t like her

Nadia: same here

Nadia: nikki might?

Leona: :\

Suri: o yea

Suri: wtf is she

Maie: probably with her boyfriend chaddie

Nadia: chad isn’t her boyfriend

Suri: Nikki would kill you if she saw you saying that

Leona: nikki is rlly good at her gaming tho

Nadia: yea

Nadia: we can all appreciate that

Suri: lol

Suri: gtg, Charlie needs to have his walk

Nadia: he’s soooooooo cute + fluffy

Sophie: guys

Sophie: if ya gonna talk about being jellows

Sophie: I’ve got a freaking swim meet tmr

Sophie: and I’m at one right now

Jo: same here

Jo: but not

Jo: gotta gig tmr at a festival in some regional area

Jo: and currently at one in the city

Leona: lol

Leona: smae

Maie: stop smae-ing everything

Leona: shut up

Sophie: i no beach tmr

Leona: nikki

Leona: stop afk-ing plz

Maie: plz

Jo: she might be doing her youtube stuff

Jo: or she’s out with chad

Sophie: o yea

Sophie: cHAd

Leona: lol

Leona: i ship


Half laughing and fuming, I shoot a quick reply.

Me: lol

Me: cc was the one keeping me away from you guys

Me: also

Me: maibelline

Me: don’t be jellows

Leona: lol

Leona: okay

Leona: so u weren’t dead

Maie: at least you have a life

Me: maie

Me: jo

Me: Sophie

Me: anoek

Me: chad IS NOT my bf

Maie: sORRy

Keona: stop denying it

Jo: 💦👅🍆

Me: ew, says u

Jo: tg hasn’t decided to **** me yet

Leona: ew

Maie: HOT🔥

Me: ugh

Nadia: got no say in this

Me: thx

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