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Chapter 2: Bikinis, Beaches and Boys

“Get out of your room already, you’ve been awake for ages. I could hear you recording!” Mom shouts from downstairs.

“Let me be man.” I retort back, and go back to looking at my laptop. I scroll through my channel and look at the comments for the vid I just posted.

‘Ya ok man’

‘U go gallllllllllllllll XOXOXOXOXOXOXO’


‘chad x kiki♡’


‘U should be suking dick man, not attempting to raid Area 51’

‘WTF is there a stupid girl playing Guns of Clayton??!! GTFO of YouTube’

The haters are just gonna hate then. I proceed to close YouTube and get my butt out of my room before my mom has to personally pester me out.

“Sweetie Nikki, go wake your brother up before you go out otherwise he’s gonna never gonna see the light again.”

I go back up stairs and force myself into the dinosaur room and tackle the bed.

“Leave me alone.” mumbles Ulysses.

“Just quickly go down stairs, my friends are probably already waiting for me.”

My brother peeps his head from the pile of blankets. He rubs the sleep from his eyes, yawns and slumps back down on the bed.

“If you wake up now, I’ll let you play the X-box, WITH Kiki’s cool green console!”

He jumps up, and runs towards the door, keen to head downstairs to the basement again. Mom blocks the doorway and sighs.

“CC, don’t you remember that you need to brush your teeth? Your body is more important than Kiki’s ‘cool green console’.” Mom explains. “But what about studies?” He asks. Mom shakes her head

“Nikki, just chill. I did see I think, Suri’s car? Anyways, just have fun with your girlies. You can call Mom if anything happens.” Mom turns to Ulysses and starts to lecture him on personal health and safety.

Grabbing my duffle bag, I finally walk out of the door, with my sandals slapping on the ground behind me and hop into the red Mazda.

“Hey there Nikiki, you got your bikinis?”

Suri and Leona turn to face me from the front.

“Lol, you know that I only wear one pieces.” I joke.

“But we’re going to the beach!” someone exclaims.

I turn to see Maie and Nadia sitting at the back.

“Yeah umm, Maie was able to come....” Suri says.

“Ok, let’s just get down to the beach, and have a great time. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be doing my own stuff.” Maie returns to looking through her instagram.

She’s the most athletic one friend I’ve got, but not as close as we used to be. Her red hair and blue eyes attract the nerds, but Maie shows no interest in the guys she attracts.

We chat while Suri continues down the road towards our destination. Nadia just came back from this sicko NASA program in America, and told us how she got to experience what it was like living on Mars on a cool sort of virtual reality simulator. Half the guys in her group thought she was a dude even though they all went to the same school. Nadia had bigger breasts than me, but people still can’t figure out that she is a ‘she’. Idiots.

Finally, with a loud screech against the gravel, we arrive at Suri’s beach house. Maie eagerly jumps out of the car, heads towards the crowded beach and starts stripping out of her clothes into her black bikinis.

“She sure meant it when she said she’ll be doing her own stuff,” Leona says with a bleak tone, “we’ll have to drag her body back to the beach house if she gets drunk again.”

“I’ll make sure that we will go back to the beach house before it gets dark.” Suri assures her.

We approach the beach and Maie comes over again, “Come on slowpokie-wokes, get into the water!” and she sprints off again once more.

Quickly changing out of my shirt, I join Maie on a pool float she crashed. A group of shirtless guys sit in the centre and are barely aware of our presence until Suri attacks me. They turn around and see me absolutely dying from Suri tickling me, made worse due to the exposed skin my bikini showed, and everyone on the float joins in. After a minute of absolute embarrassment and pain, the guys and girls calm down and stop tickling me.

One guy shuffles closer to me and confidently says a hi.

Guy: Hi

Me: Hey

Guy: *looks at my unfortunately not non-existent boobs

Guy: I like your bikini

Me: oooooook-ay

Guy: can i tickle you again?

Me: no

Me: r u gonna tell me your name at least b4 complimenting me? Or sounding like a creep?

Guy: Name’s Jaiden

Me: ‘ya gonna ask for mine?

Guy: I’ll figure it out

One of his creepy, corn haired friends moves closer to hear our conversation, so I immediately rush leave.

“Gimme your number before you go angel, PLEASE??!!” Jaiden locks his eyes on mine and Suri passes me a Sharpie from her water proof bag. I scribble my number on his arm, his face lights up for no reason and I exit the float. Leona punches me in the arm. “You are so stupid, giving some rando your number.” The punch doesn’t hurt.

“I know that mom.” I say sarcastically.

Maie already set up a volley ball net and motions the crew to join her. She chucks the ball at Nadia and we start the first round.

After a whole afternoon of volleyball and the sun begins to set, we return to the beach house.

“I, am showering first.” I triumphantly tell the girls.

Maie frowns. “But my hair is going to be really knotty after my shower, and it will take forever make it straight again. So I, have to shower first.” Everyone gives her the look. Defeated, she mumbles, “Fine, let Nikki go first.”

I happily stride up the stairs and head into the bathroom.

Finishing my beauty shower, I head back downstairs to where my friends are.


Then she holds up my phone and says, “and being the nICe one, I picked up the phone.”

Maie speaks up. “Oh yeah, I think it was your Chaddie boyyyyyyy.” ew, for god’s sake.

I snatch my phone from Leona and look at the screen.

18 Missed Calls

+61 283 193 582


You have received 6 new voice messages

Call ‘101’ to listen







Go have fun with your girly girls


Which beach are you at?

For God’s sake.

Me: y u asking boi

Chazzo: may b u could ditch them for an hour with me?

Chazzo: wait

Chazzo: i don’t mean that

Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️

Chazzo: whoops

Chazzo: TELL ME

Me: u now sound more creepier than that dood i met this morning

Chazzo: y were u meeting random guys at the beach

Me: idk

Me: ask Maie

Chazzo: beach name plz

Me: stOP

Chazzo: ...

Me: pastel beach

Chazzo: k

Chazzo: coming over now

Me: you idiot

Chazzo: 😜

“What did chAZZo say? I glance behind to see Maie and Leona peering over my shoulder to look at my conversation.

“Nothing.” I mumble and put my phone down on the coffee table. “I need to figure out who this i___” Interrupted by the doorbell, Suri takes a look through the camera system.

She looks at me as if she really want to kill me. I head to the door, prepared to murder Chad when I see him on the doorstep.

When Suri opens the door, I see Jaiden. Just him, not even his corn-haired friend was with him.

“Hey Angel...” he drawls. He is CLEARLY drunk — or drugged.

I slam the door shut in his face, and yell into the speaker: “You ding dong, why are you here?”

“Tooo seeeee youuuu...”

“Leave please.” I tell him in a ‘very’ polite tone.

“Can I stay pretty puleeeeaaassseee?”

“No, if you REALLY want to see me, tomorrow.” I stop talking and leave the speaker.

Leona, Maie and Nadia hunch over a device and I go to investigate.

“_______oH, mY, gOD! Nikki has been hiding stuff from us.....” Maie cuts off in the middle of the sentence when she sees me. I take my phone off her and stare right into her pupils.

“Oh, ummmmm,” she tries to make an excuse. “we found your baby photos!” She smiles at me hoping that I will forgive her.

I only need to say a single word to let her know that I am NOT forgiving her.


She points at Nadia, Nadia points at Leona, Leona points at Maie. Maie points her toe towards Suri.

Suri, looking even more pissed than she already was when she saw Jaiden at her doorstep, flips her finger at her. “How could I’ve been at fault?!”

Everyone points at Maie.

“Fine, fine fine. I’ll tell you. Leona and I wanted to play some, uhhhh, Helix Jump and Nadia somehow knew you password, euhhhhh...”

Suri facepalms herself. “That’s really lame, but go on.”

Maie continues. “And then a text comes up from your boyfriend cHAZ____”

“Chad is not my boyfriend.”

“-Zo, saying that he’s coming over to steal you for an hour of intense stuff. EXPLAIN THIS NIKKI.” Maie ends on a dark note.

Heavily sighing, I ‘explain’. “For God’s Sake Maie, what could Chad and I be possibly doing that is intense?”

“Sex” she mumbles and starts giggling. I push her off the couch.

Nadia rubs her eyes and say the correct thing. “Nikki and Chad play vid games with each other.”

“You are so stupid..” Keona says to Maie.

Not in the mood to be cheerful anymore, I head upstairs to Suri’s room with my laptop.

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