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Chapter 3: Gamerz Quarrel

Switching on Steam, I power up Legendary Guns of Rafia to play a few rounds with CthulhuBoi. Sending a invite to him, connect my headphones in and check my arsenal.

He finally joins with a few of his mates.

Cthulhuboi: you haven’t played in a while

irllycant: says u and your dingus friends

Cthulhu boi: ...

irllycant: .......

OrangePoTaTo: kiaran, just start playing already

Cthulhuboi: James,

Cthulhuboi: Shut up

irllycant: did i just hear your name?

Cthulhuboi: do i look like a kiaran

irllycant: i haven’t seen b4

Cthulhuboi: just play already

We start playing in the first round as a trio. My teamwork skills with Cthulhuboi are top notch, while OrangePoTaTo is not going with the flow very well.

About half way through this round, OrangePoTaTo drifts off to an intense battle by himself against another team of Hardcores. He dies, but Cthulhuboi and I lose 90% of our health just so we could take out the opie guys. We carry our team to a close second.

I request to play again. Before I am able to start the round, I hear a knock on the door.

Still annoyed from the situation earlier, I rip my headphones off and head to open the door, ready to face one of the girls.

Standing there is Chad and he tasers me to the ground.

“OMG, Chad, stOP!” I am half laughing and dying.

“I SAID TO PLAY ANOTHER ROUND WITH ME!!” He mocks in a monster like voice. I finally trap him in a headlock. He taps me twice and I release him.

Chad catches his breath and smiles at me. “I see that you’ve brought your neon red laptop.”

I smile back. “Just impressing the other guys who are better than you.” I tease.

“Stop making me jealous.” He then drops his smile into a frown.

“Was that blonde hair guy the guy you met this morning?” He asks, jealousy laces his words. “He looked like Satan just woke up when I asked him what he was doing. Why was your number on his arm?”

“Oh, him. He’s probably drunk or something, uhhh, Maie told me to?” I hesitantly reply. “Don’t bother about him.”

Chad starts whining like a puppy. “So he gets to see you in a bikini, but I don’t?”

I am shook. “How did you know I wore a bikini?”

He takes his phone out and shows me a insta post that Maie sent two hours ago. There’s me and the girls on the float with the guys. I genuinely look bored as heck, and the probably the most ugly in the only purple bikini I own.

“You’ve seen me wear it before. What do you need to complain about?” I cross my arms like Ulysses would when he’s angry. He pouts and turns to face his back to me.

There are multiple knocks on the door before Suri opens the door and the girls barge in wearing their onesies.

Leona and Nadia make a beeline towards Suri’s king sized bed and flop onto the duvet. Maie sits right between me and Chad, and puts her hands on our shoulders.

“You didn’t bother to say hi to me?” She asks us. We both face our ‘yuck’ faces at her. She recoils back and sits on the ottoman behind her.

Suri rolls her eyes at the girls on her bed and looks at me and Chad. “Just to be clear, my bed is nOT for others to make out on, so if you are going to stay the night Chad,” she pauses to wriggle her eyebrows at me. “you and Nikki can go to the guest room downstairs.”

“Chad-die and Ni-kki en-tang-led on a bed, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” Maie says in a sing song voice, like the others girls did when Chad and I were in kinder.

Chad smirks when I look at him in horror.

“You never said you were staying!” I hit him hard on the face. “I am so annoyed.” Even though we slept with each other when we were little kids, something tells me that this was really weird.

“Ok girls, I shall escort Nikki downstairs to her room and I shall depart yours. Have a great night.” He winks at me, pulls me up and drags me down the stairs. We head into the guest room in silence.

When we arrive, the first thing he does is take his laptop out. He beckons me to do the same, so I do so.

Sitting on the bed, Chad logs into the Rules of Survival.

“I bet you 100 bucks that you will win this round, what will you bet?” Chad unfortunately knows that bets are my greatest weakness.

“10 bucks that you will win.” I mumble. We link our fingers into a serpent shape to confirm the bet.

Before we start the round, I check the group chat to see what chaos Chad had caused.

Jo: god

Jo: there were so many fans here today

Sophie: u lucky u have fans

Sophie: i only get criticism for coming 2nd

Sophie: or coming 0.01 seconds later than usual

Leona: rip

Maie: i only suk at swimming

Suri: ugh

Nadia: ...

Leona: i swear

Leona: that Nikki is ain idiot

Maie: for wot?

Suri: what do u think

Nadia: ...

Jo: i have nO idea

Leona: u guys r stupid

Suri: excuse me?

Suri: what about that B you got for history?

Leona: no

Leona: i dont mean that



Maie: I second that

Jo: third


Suri: should we go and eavesdrop at their room?


Sophie: SPiIiiiIIiIIIIiIicyYYyYyyyYYy 🌶

Jo: i wish i were with u guys

Maie: OMG

Maie: YES

Leona: maybe

Sophie: (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Suri: so we go

Nadia: idc

Me: you know I’m still in the chat right

Maie: oops

Me: says u leona

Me: we all know u like your bestie...

Keona: shaddup


“What are you doing?” Chad takes my phone off me and reads the last few messages. “Lol, they’re so girl-like.”

“What else do you expect my friends to do?” I pinch him and we start playing.

“Well you do know that I’ve got the hots for Hailey.”

I wrinkle my nose at him. “It sounds weird when you word it like that.”

Whilst we play, we hear giggles coming from the door every now and then. Chad and I only scream when we win a round or when we get too into the game.

Also, I did win the bet. So Chad now owes me 1350 bucks from all the bets he placed on me.

We play for about two hours straight before my eyes get blurry. I start to close my eyes and lean into Chad’s shoulder.

Chad looks at me. “Feeling a bit tired?”

I slowly nod my head.

He logs us out of the game and carefully lies me down on the bed, covering my body with the duvet. He put our laptops on charge and heads to the ensuite, leaving me to sleep in peace.

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