The unwilling Bride

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She had to save his life by giving him an offspring. But how can she do that when he had been a douche bag to her since she knew him?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

"You see, it looks like he is going to die in two years time. He is suffering from a disease that prevents his blood from flowing well" the doctor explained to Anna. Her face dropped when she heard those words.

The patient, Ronald, was Anna's classmate in high School. He was the most annoying douche bag of a mate in their class. He had always teased Anna for she was plump in those days.

An hour earlier, they had met outside a restaurant with the aid of an unusual incident. It was Anna who recognized him. He could not do same because she had gone through a total makeover, she was no longer fat. She had become a beautiful curvy woman.

He was about to enter the restaurant with her when he suddenly passed out. She was alarmed and called for help and soon the ambulance came. The doctor revived him at the hospital and called Anna to his office.

"Please excuse my language but are you single?" the doctor asked her. She was confused but answered "yes".

"Then you can help him and save his life" the doctor continued. "I'm sorry but how can I be of help?" "It's complicated but you can help him by giving birth to his child"

" I'm sorry doctor, but I can't. No. We have no relationship. He was just my classmate in high school and nothing more and we just met again"

"That gives you more reason to marry him and give birth to his child. You see, there is a fluid contained in the placenta of his own child that can cure him of his disease. Think about it" the doctor adviced.

"I'll take my leave now, doctor" Anna said uncomfortably.

"Ok, then you can escorts your friend to his house. He is awake now". "Thank You Doctor" she hurriedly left the office. She met Ronald in the lobby of the hospital and they went outside.

The doctor's words were still playing on her mind when Ronald called home and asked for his to be brought to him.

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