The unwilling Bride

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Chapter 2

"So you've heard what the doctor said, about my health?" Ronald asked Anna as he drove his car.

"Yes,yes I heard him" she answered.

"So what will you do about it?" "I don't understand your question. What exactly do you want to hear from me"

"I mean, will you be the mother of my child? But first you have to marry me because I don't want any child of mine to be born out of wedlock".

"I don't know, I don't even like you, come to talk of loving you and marrying you"

"But can't you be considerate even a little bit?"

" Considerate, are you the one talking of being considerate? Don't you dare talk as though you don't remember what you did to me back in high school. Well let me remind you, you had always laughed at me with your friends because I was fat, because my chest and back was flat, you called me names and even threw things at me. Do you remember now?" Anna asked him as her cheeks began reddenning due to increasing anger.

He answered " Yes I remember. And do you know why I did those things to you? Well I will tell you. I did them because I liked you and hated myself for it. That was why I behaved so poorly towards you to cover up my feelings for you" .

"So you hated yourself for liking such a person like me because I was nothing like Falcona and her friends. And why are you telling me these things now?"

"Well, because I've realized I shouldn't have been bad to you and I'm sorry for that. And I've also got to know that my likeness for you have grown into love and I'm telling you this from my heart"

" Do you even have a heart? Your love is just an obsession because I'm now a pretty woman that you had never expected me to be. Well guess what I don't like you and I never.... "

He kissed her to shut her up. He had pulled over when she was talking. She responded to the kiss. It was a breath taking kiss. But it ended abruptly when she slapped him.

" Your body tells me otherwise" he said holding his face.

" For the third time, I don't like you, you just took me by surprise. Get that into your thick head" She retorted lightly massaging her swollen lips.

"I took you by surprise yet you responded, leading me on" he teased.

"Oh, whatever. Just take me home" she blushed with embarrassment.

"But I don't know your house and... "

"I will give you directions" she snapped.

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