The unwilling Bride

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Chapter 3

She quickly got out of the car when they reached her apartment. He came out to walk her to her door. He hugged her inspire of her protest. He massaged her back and felt her shiver against him.

She forced herself out of his embrace, entered her house and locked the door behind her. It was a while before before she heard him walk away and drove from her house.

It was Ronald's funeral. Everyone wore black. And as the coffin was lowered into the grave, everyone pointed accusing fingers at her. They blamed her for his death. If she had accepted to marry him and bear his child, he wouldn't have died.

They chased her around the cemetery. She stumbled on something and fell. The mouners surrounded her like zombies, closing in on her...

She woke up, sweating and it seemed she suddenly could not breath. It was 6:30 in the morning and she had to go to work at 8:00.

Anna was an assistant marketing director at the Global Marketing Company. While at work, her mind kept replaying the nightmare.

Clara, her friend noticed her demise and went to her side "is something bothering you?" "No, actually yes. Do you remember Ronald?" "Of course, who would ever forget that douche bag?. I still remember how he used to treat you. What about him?"

Anna recounted everything to her friend.

" Oh Anna, I feel sorry for him. He just can't seem to let you be. But I think you should help him since he confessed his feelings for you. And about your dream, you know how creepily your dreams always manifest. If he dies because you don't help him, everyone who knows him will blame and scorn you and I know you will not be able to cope with it". Clara advised her.

" But I don't like him and besides, he can find another women. I mean a lot of women will be happy to bear his child. I just can't bear the thought of living with him forever".

" Then, you marry him, bear his child so that he can get his surgery. You can then divorce him" Clara continued.

"But Clara, I don't even want to marry him in the first place and I don't want to bed him and get pregnant with his child."

"But there is the choice of artificial insemination"

" Oh hell no, I'm not going to get injected with his sperm either" Anna stubbornly stated.

" Then decide for yourself. It's your choice to help him or get blamed after he dies" with this, Clara walked away.

Anna was left alone as her eyes stung with tears. She had to decide on what to do for her own sake.

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