The unwilling Bride

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Chapter 4

"Hello, am I speaking to Ronald?" Anna asked into the cell phone.

" Yes, you are speaking to me Anna"

"Wait, how do you know it's me?"

He chuckled before answering "it was your voice cherry blossom "

" My name is not cherry blossom and anyways, are you in your house, I would like to see you there"

" Yes, I'm home and I'll be expecting you"

" Alright, good, I will be there in one hour time " Anna ended the call. It was around 4:00 pm and she had just closed from work.

Anna arrived at Ronald's house, she had gone home, freshened up and called him for directions to his house. She rang the doorbell and the door was opened by Ronald. He looked her up and down and smiled. She was in a casual day dress that hugged her curves.

"Hello" Anna cooed shyly and Ronald allowed her in. "Make yourself comfortable" showing her the couch as he left to bring them wine. They sipped their wine in silence before Anna broke it.

"I wanted to meet you about my decision concerning your health" she paused and gathered strength "I have decided to be the mother of your child" she completed and opened her eyes.

"Ronald's eyes held her gaze for a while. Within seconds, he was beside her "does that mean, you will marry me?" " yes but only to give birth to your child, after that, we will go our separate ways"

"What do you mean by that? Surely, you will not leave the child with me or take the child along because the child will need it's parents to be together "

"By this time, you should know that I'm not agreeing to marry you because I'm in love with you but rather for your life. That is why I'm making this decision because I for one will not bind myself in a loveless marriage"

"So why should you save my life if you don't love me and care for me? "

"Don't you get it? because you were my classmate and people will blame me if you died"

" Which people will blame you for my death?" he was confused at this point

" You don't understand, I... "

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