The unwilling Bride

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Chapter 5

He didn't know what pushed him but her found himself kissing her. He couldn't stop as fire from within came to life. Anna withdrew from him and stood up trembling.

He stood up and whispered into her ears "let yourself be loved by me because I'm sure you feel something for me, let me love you". He reclaimed her lips, savouring her.

His hands went up, over her hips, her back, cupping her breast, and gripped her hair. The kiss changed from a coy brush and nibble to a wild war of tongues and lips where body strained against body and pulse thundered against pulse.

" This is moving too fast" Anna piped. Even as she said it, she locked her arms around his neck. "I can't breath, I can't think. I don't know what is happening to me" she finished her talk.

Ronald replied " it is the fire that is consuming you. Don't resist it, let it flow" He continued kissing her.

They both fell onto the sizeable couch still tangled together. Their eyes darkened with fierce passion. He slowly undressed her.

He planted a kiss on her as he freed her breasts. She let out a moan and made to push his head away from her body but he held her arms up.

He continued to savour her body all the way down. He lingered down there making her shudder with pleasure before he went up and took her lips again.

He undressed himself and guided her hand down to feel him. She came in tune and kissed him all over.

He had his face buried in the crook of her neck, nimbling her there. As he got ready to explore her world, he kissed her to prevent her from moaning loudly.

She cried out into his mouth and tensed up. He stayed and looked down at her to see her crying. He wiped her tears away. She shifted beneath him to urge him on.

He moved and she got into rhythm. Together they explored the valley of esctacy. I sleepily told her " I love you very much and you know that". They drifted into a sweet dreamless night.

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