The unwilling Bride

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Chapter 6

Singing birds woke them up. Anna opened her eyes, not recognizing where she was. She felt a muscular arm around her and the memories came rushing back. She tried getting up but Ronald's arm held her down.

"Where do you think you are going?" he asked her.

" Trying to get up, go home and get myself ready for work" she answered.

"You are not going anywhere. Besides you are already late, stay with me"

For some reason that she could not understanding, Anna relaxed and enjoyed the heat of Ronald's body warming hers. They we're there for some time when Ronald got up and carried her to his bedroom.

He gently placed her on his bed and went to his bathroom, filled the bath tub with enough soapy hot water. He went back to his bedroom for her. He lowered her gently into the water, she winced as tgr water touched her soreness.

He entered the tub with her and felt her body tense. She had refused to look him in the eye after their night together. He splashed water on her continuously until she relaxed. He bathed her and then himself. He led her to the bed after they robed and sat her down.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He questioned.

"Tell you what?" She retorted

" That you we're inexperienced"

" Oh about that, just forget it"

" Ok, then why did you allow it to happen? "

" Because I wanted to conceive your child early before we get married so that I could get this over with"

" How do you know and how sure are you that you will conceive?"

" Because I'm ovulating. Anyways, bear this in mind, I'm only doing this to help you and that's all because I'm unwilling to give my heart to you. I just want to save you for my own good" she was heavily breathing at this point.

" Ok, we'll have the wedding next month. It will be a simple wedding, there will be only friends and family. No party, if that's what you want"

"Yes, that is what I want" she spat and left the bedroom wincing as she moved to go get her clothes in the living room.

She dressed and left before he could stop her.

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