The unwilling Bride

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Chapter 7

"So you mean, you allowed him access to your body and you don't even feel anything for him?" Clara exclaimed. They we're taking their lunch break.

"What do you expect me to do? I want to get out of this mess early that's why I allowed it knowing very well that I ovulating. This way, I will conceive early and spend less time in marriage with him" Anna explained.

"So when is the wedding? "

"Next month, he told me next month. But it will be a simple wedding with family and friends and you will be my maid of honour ".

"Alright, I will be ready when you are. And Anna, don't trouble the poor man"

"Oh you know it"

Two weeks later, one week to the wedding, Anna was hit by a wave of sickness when she woke up. She hurried to the bathroom and threw up. Immediately, her hand moved to her belly and she knew, she just knew it. She didn't need a test to confirm what she already knew.

"Hello Clara, my suspicion has been confirmed. I am pregnant "

" Hold on, girlfriend, are you sure of what you are saying?"

" I'm very sure my friend. I am telling you the truth"

"Then do you plan on telling him?"

"Yes, I will tell him so that he knows he has a chance of living "

"That's good of you girl, I will get back to you later ok?"

"Alright bye then"

She had a call just when she hanged up. It was Ronald. "Hi Ronald"

"Hello, Anna, how do you do?"

"How do you do?"

"Well em.., I called to apologize for hurting you the other day"

"I don't recall you hurting me"

" Do I need to remind you of our time together?"

"No I don't need a reminder. By the way, two weeks have passed and you are now calling to apologize. Give me a break, Ronald "

" I know I'm sorry. I could have done better. I dreamt of you bringing to bed, our baby. It was a girl. What do you think about that?"

"I have something to tell you but I prefer meeting and talking to you directly" she avoided the question.

"Ok. Then I will come over to your house in thirty minutes time"

"Alright, like I said early on, I have something to tell you " Anna reminded him. He waited in anticipation. "Well, I'm pregnant for you"

If someone had dropped a pin, it would have been very loud at that awkward moment. Tears gathered in his eyes. At that moment, he wanted to hold her in his arms, kiss and make love to her until she pleaded tired. He wanted to put his hand on her belly and feel the life growing in there but he restrainted himself.

"Thank you" he managed to say.

"Do not thank me. This wouldn't have happened if not because of you. And remember, I'm doing this for my own safety and peace" she said coldly.

" I don't understand you" he was confused.

"You will never be able to understand. The fact is that I am pregnant and you ought to be happy, that's all"

Alright, Anna, I've heard you. And remember that the wedding is a week away" Ronald told her and left.

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