My lie of pain

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Alexander is picture perfect teenage boy, good grades, close friends, liked by all adults, but of course, for he is the son of the most respected people in their town. But, when all is quiet and the day is over, midnight strikes, his so called “respected” father becomes something less human and more monster from within him causing only pain towards Alex. His mother on the other hand, is complacent with his fathers beatings, ignoring the constant suffering from her son altogether. Alex fights to bare his family secret that he kept since he was born or to do something unthinkable and reach out and change his life forever. Testing everything within him, mentally and physically, the Bond between friendship, fear between father and son, trust between a family that is not his to want, and letting himself finally love his best friend. My lie is a story with twist and turns, wrongs that can never be right again, healing that will need to be taught, trust that will need to be earned over and over again, love that will need to be share a thousand times more, and a boy with a lie to tell. After all it’s pain that controls the truth. My lie of pain. This book has not been rewrote Properly and will be edited threw out Warning This book will contain extrem abuse, rape, harsh words and other things that may disturb Young and or sensitive readers, be advised.

Drama / Action
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Chapter 1~Midnight

A lie always starts with a childish beginning~

"Why are you scared little one? Don't you know I love you?" My fathers voice boomed, echoing threw out my room making me flinch as he slowly pulled my blanket off me. "Maybe you could enjoy it for once instead of fighting your desires"

"You ar- are not my desire, y-you will n-never be"

Before I could say anything else a sharp hot object stabbed into my thigh as a scream ripped from my throat, I tried to yank it out but before I could even touch it, my father was on top of me tearing off all my clothes like a rabid beast, like a monster.

Couple hours earlier~

I sat in the storage room at the far back of the church at the end of the day, smiling at a beautiful girl with bright long golden hair, blue eyes, and pretty freckles all over her pale gorgeous skin as she smiled a big smile looking down at her playing cards in her hands.

"GO FISH" She laughed out as her brother Bolt, with short black hair, brown eyes, and pale skin as if he was a ghost started turning colors again like every time he got flustered or I was mistaken and he was about to have a heat stroke, I would soon find out.

"Why are we always playing this?" Bolt asked squinting his eyes at his sister. "Couldn't we play war or something???"

"It's a habit now" Anna said smiling. Sure, 15-year-olds belong more mature but after years of always playing it every Sunday night, I was sure we would keep playing it even when we passed 80. If I lived that long....

"Annnnd I love it!! And you love me sooo you will play this because y'all love me!!!" She said in a childish way, waving her hands around like a 5 year old. Trying to cute her way out, again.

"Anna, you know that face doesn't work on us right?"

"Well, you could at least fake it, " She said giving us a mean pouting face. "Bums."

"No." We both said in sync as we fist bumped each other for the perfect timing.

A knock on the door made me flinch as a 6ft tall black hair, hazel eyes with perfect skin stood a man dressed in a cop uniform in the doorway. I noted never to repeat the perfect skin to Joe or he would never let it down.

"What are you kids doin?" He asked raising his bushie eyebrows at us, placing his hands on his belt that was filled with his cop crap.

Note to self: don't repeat (cop crap) to his face with out running shoes on.

"Evil things Dad." Said Bolt lifting his bag over his shoulder and following his sister out of the room. Grabbing my own bag, I tried hiding a laugh from the hurt expression on Joes face from the sarcasm his son showed him as I followed them out threw the church.

After a minute or two, we exited the church into the darkness of the night as it drizzled on us as we made are way toward their car.

"Do you have a ride?" Joe asked, startling me physically and mentally. I smiled turning towards him, ready to lie his ear off with 1 simple sentence.

"Yep, my dad gonna come and pick me up at the supermarket."

I looked into his eyes and saw something I never saw in him before, doubt. But before I could fully grasp it, it vanished. I turned, breaking the eye contact after he smiled and nodded, guilt eating me for lying to his face. After they climbed in the the black SUV and headed home, I started my own long, sad, lonely walk home as the world cried on me with its tears of rain.

As I walked home turning on my street, a memory popped up in my head. Joe had waited after school for me to ask me questions about the "fights I get into" that day, I wasn't prepared with a lie, then what I told people blended, making a very confusing story but thankfully, I winged it and got away.

An alarm blared from my broken phone as it showed it was 10:15pm........Father wanted me home now. Looking around, I could see my small house from afar, at least a 5-minute run, and if I walked, 10. No, I needed to be home now, at this second, panic rose as I raced threw the wet streets but just before I ran across my own driveway, I slipped and fell right on my already bruised side as my face, hands, and knees burned from sliding.

Shit I thought as I stood up, ignoring the burning pain coursing threw my body as I ran for the door slowly opening it. Peking threw, I could only see was 2 small dim lights from the counter as it made the room little brighter.

"Hello?" I whispered, hoping no one would hear. But just as I closed the door locking it, then sliding my shoes off, I heard a response. Well, kind of response.

"Where were you little one?" A harsh voice spoke in a whisper in the hallway. "I told you to be home to me by 10, not after" The voice continued to get closer as I forced my body to back away toward the front door in fear.

"Im sorry father, I slipped and fell on my way over." Not really lying but hoping he was drunk enough for him to think it made sense, making the fall time more time consuming.

“To be 20 minutes late takes more then a baby accident"

After that last sentence, everything was quiet, then without having a chance to fully understand the scene, one of the lights were ripped from the wall and thrown at my head. Don’t move, don’t move. The words repeated in my head as the glass base shattered near my neck, the shattered glass digging into my skin as my body Shook with pure terror.

"How do you feel?" He whispered into my ear, I watched his body push closer until his body touched mine. Trapped to the front door behind me and his fat body in front of me, panic rose in my chest as his hands slowly slide to my butt cheeks, squeezing them slowly. I slowly grabbed his wrists, pulling them off of me while making eye contact with his piercing blue eyes studdering out.

"Y-your my d-dad."

Letting go of his wrists, I broke the eye contact and lost to the battle we were having. Weak, the word crossed my mind as I Peaked up from looking down at the ground, my father still looked down at me with the look of pure hate. Then he screamed on the top of his lungs for my mother (Clare) to come down the stairs as he walked to the kitchen that was connected to the living room.

A pale woman with dirty blond hair and hazy brown eyes staring into the abyss as if she was lifeless, she blankly stood on the last step of the stairs. I felt pain in my chest, every time I saw my mum. She’s so small. This was not the mother I once new. No, this was a woman who would sleep with everyone, drink any alcohol, take any drugs and cheat any man.

Her glassy eyes shifted toward me as I stood in the shattered glass of one of the broken lamps, shaking viciously as I tried my best for my legs not to buckle and fall into more glass.

"What?!" She spits out the words like venom in a raspy weak voice"

"Your son thinks what he says matters," said my father as he turned on the stove putting a silver kitchen knife on the hot burner. My eyes followed the knife in fear as he watched it turn colors from the heat.

"So?" She said, flopping on the couch ignoring me altogether.

My father scoffed then turned to me and spoke in a very fatherly voice. "Go up stairs son" Smiling a nice calm smile.

I nodded then headed up stars, sprinting my way threw the living room and kitchen. Once in my empty white walled room, I threw my bag next to the mattress that lade on the floor with only a worn out pillow and a blue blanket on it, other then that, my room was empty of furniture. As I flopped down onto the empty mattress, I looked at the broken screened clock that was plugged into the closest outlet near me.

11:00 pm. Fuck you school. I laid down fully on my bed curling up into a human ball under my blanket, as if it would protect me from life. It was almost 12, then I would be able to sleep in peace after that, almost.

The door to my bedroom slightly closed as a figure stood above me.

"Why are you scared little one? Don't you know I love you?" My fathers voice boomed, echoing threw out my room making me flinch as he slowly pulled my blanket off me. "Maybe you could enjoy it for once instead of fighting your desires"

"You ar- are not my desire, y-you will n-never be"

Before I could say anything else a sharp hot object stabbed into my thigh as a scream ripped from my throat, I tried to yank it out but before I could even touch it, my father was on top of me tearing off all my clothes like a rabid beast, like a monster. Tears slipped from my face as he forced my wrists into his personal handcuffs from his cop friend who he stole it from, then tied them with a rope to a hook he’d had screwed into the floor in front of the matters.

"STOP" I screamed as his hands wondered my body "please-pl-please" I started to cry outloud like every night I couldn’t control my tears, again. Nothing ever changed.

"Shh," My father whispered as he violently flipped me onto my stomach and pulled down my last remaining clothes. "I love you so much little one" He barely whispered into my ear as he laid his body on me pressing his hard self into me.

"Please- plea-" I gasped for air as he forced himself in, then with more pleasure he grabbed the object he stabbed into my thigh from earlier and turned it. Another scream echoed threw my lungs as time passed on, many more screams would be heard as he pleased himself with my body.

I turned my head to watch the clock tick for an escape, 12:01, 12:02, 1:23, 2:30. Nights like these made me wish time would go faster, but only seemed slower then normal. After awhile, he exited me and stood, examining my shaking body that now was covered in blood, sweat, and his body fluid.

"Wimp" He scoffed at me "How will you ever be a man if you can't even handle a little of a woman's job?"

Angry at him, I tried to fight him again with my little energy I had left. I had none. I couldn't feel my body, I couldn't move my legs, I couldn't lift my wrists with the little rope room I had left.

"Useless whore" He said bending down and yanking out the sharp object from earlier that had been bleeding this whole time. After the sharp pain that I could feel was gone, I felt a new burning pain all over my back, lines of blood dripped off me like a slow water fall. A knife.....hurting much pain. My thoughts were mangled together as he slashed my back viciously making me scream more yet again.

1, 2, 3, 4, 12, 16, 20, 32. I counted until I couldn't think no more, until I couldn't keep my eyes open. I was exhausted, weak, pathetic, and in pain. But one good thing I new was after awhile, the dark would consume me, and save me, just like now.

My eyes closed, either the dark would protect me or death would save me. I was free from pain tonight, at last.

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