Escaping the curse

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I don't see Marco, Tony or Rafael at breakfast the next morning. A part of me is relieved. I don't know what last night was, apart from insanely hot. But I feel guilty. It was less than a month ago I was with Brandon. I know it's unlikely I'll ever see him again, but still... a part of me feels like I should have waited before moving on. Another part of me loved how Marco made me feel. How he made my entire body feel alive. And I really, really, want to feel that again.

“Is everything ok?” Angelina asks as we drive along the street, I’m not sure where we are heading as Angelina has remained tight lipped. I look over at Angelina and smile.

“Yeah... just thinking about Brandon.” I say.

“You miss him.” It's not a question but a statement and I simply nod in agreement. She reaches over and pats my knee. “One day you will be free of that man and you will be able to see Brandon again.”

“You really believe that?” I ask. She smiles and nods.

“I do. Rafael is working on it.” She says.

“I wish I could be more help.” I say, thinking about everything I know about father and the community.

“You've told us everything you know. You've done more than enough.” Angelina says.

“Still... I only know the power and influence he has in the community... I have no idea who he is in this world.” I say with a sigh. Angelina smiles softly.

“We'll figure it out.” She says.

We pull into a car park and look around.

“Where are we?” I ask, taking in the brown brick buildings that litter the block.

“The local TAFE.” Angelina says. I look at her curiously.

“What's that?” I ask, having never heard the term before. She smiles brightly towards me.

“Adult education. You sweetheart are going to enrol in a course.” she says. My eyes light up and we get out of the car.

“Really?” I ask excitedly. My voice is high pitched and excited, making Angelina laugh.

“Yes really.” She walks around to me and links her arm with mine. “Now come on, let’s see what career you can have.” We walk towards the entrance and I can't keep the smile off my face.


An hour or so later, after we had spoken to a career adviser and discussed possible courses, I walk out with the information to enrol in the diploma of nursing. My mind flicks back to my conversation with Brandon, he said I'd make a good nurse. The thought makes me smile. The course is mostly online and can take up to two years to complete. There are some practical classes I have to attend, but otherwise I hope to be able to finish it quickly.

I'm walking next to Angelina, flicking through the information when I get to the fees and my heart sinks. There's no way I can afford it, not right now anyway. Angelina looks over my shoulder and clicks her tongue.

“We are paying for it so get that out of your head.” She states. I shake my head.

“No, you've done too much already. I'll get a job and save up.” I say. She grabs my arm and stops me from walking.

“Do you know why I have 5 sons?” Angelina asks me. I look at her confused by the change of subject and shake my head. “After Alessandro was born, I was determined to have a baby girl. Then came Mario. After Angelo, I said no more! I could NOT live in a house with 6 growing boys.” I can't help but laugh and she smiles warmly at me.

“Who would have thought that 14 years later my father in law would fish my daughter out of the river?” she says softly. My eyes well up with tears. Angelina places both hands on my arms. “You need a mother, and I need a daughter. Let us be that for each other.” I simply nod as the tears start to fall.

“Good. Now as your mother you're getting a damn education and you're getting it now.” She orders. I laugh and pull her into a hug.

“Thank you... mama.” I say. She gasps and hugs me tighter to her, then pulls back and smiles widely. She pats my cheek affectionately.

“No come on, no more tears, let’s go to lunch.” She says. I loop my arm through hers and we walk to the car.


When we got home Angelo showed me how to use the computer. Despite him claiming to be too sick to go to school this morning, he wasn't too sick to tease me about my one finger typing. That was until I reminded him that while I may not know how to type, I did know how to punch. He shut up pretty quick after that.

I successfully managed to enrol myself in the course and received my first unit to study. I was too excited to wait, getting straight into it and learning things I had absolutely no knowledge of. Like basic sex education.

Brandon had covered himself when he took my virginity, but Marco didn't. I realized quickly what a grave mistake that was, even though he pulled out, it's not the safest method. I definitely need to be on birth control if that's to happen again.

After two hours of reading, I now know that my knowledge of the human body is pretty much non-existent. I pretty much have to start from scratch and I curse father yet again. But I'm determined to do it. I'm determined to make the most of the opportunities I have and not let him hold me back.

I stop reading to help Angelina with dinner. Just before dinner is when I first see Marco after our session last night. He simply smiles and winks at me as he walks past the kitchen with Rafael and Tony. I honestly don't know how to act around him. Brandon was easy to be around, our friendship remained the same only with a new activity added. I don't even know Marco. Not really.

I decide to take my cue from him, to stop over thinking everything and just go with it. Maybe it was a one-time thing and there won't be any repeat of it. Am I ok with that? Yes. I'll chalk it up to another life experience I'd never had before. Whatever happens between us.


I lay in bed, my mind reeling from the events of today and last night. Marco sat next to me at dinner. His hand occasionally brushing my leg. I thought it was an accident at first but when he started tickling the inside of my thigh, sending pools of desire to my core, I knew it was deliberate. He knew what he was doing to me, a small smirk permanently on his lips.

I roll over to my back and place my hands over my face, desperately trying to clear my mind of Marco. When I hear my bedroom door open and close, and the tell-tale sound of the lock clicking, I know it's futile.

The covers are yanked off me just as I uncover my eyes to look at him. I can see the lust in his eyes from the moonlight sneaking through the gaps in the curtains. He crawls over the top of me, crashing his lips with mine. Damn this man’s lips, I'm powerless against them and the magnetic pull of our bodies. My hands run up his bare back, finding their way to his neck and into his thick hair, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. He pulls back and reaches for the hem of my pyjama top. I lift up slightly as he lifts it over my head. He throws it to the floor and his lips attack my breasts. I let out a soft moan as his tongue swirls around my hardened nipple and he tugs it with his teeth.

He moves to the other breast, giving it the same delicious treatment before kissing, licking and biting down my stomach. He tugs on the waist of my pyjama pants and I lift my hips for him to slide them down my legs. He pulls them off completely, throwing them to the floor before kissing up the inside of my thighs. I gasp when his mouth meets my folds, his tongue moving them apart as he licks up my centre and flicks over my clit.

“Marco...” I moan. He attacks my clit like a starving man, his tongue moving in fast circles before he pushes it inside me. I cry out and grab his hair in my hands, pushing him into me. My hips raise off the bed and he pushes them back down, his fingers finding their way to my hole as he thrusts them inside.

I writhe in pleasure as he curls them up hitting that sweet spot. His expert hands and tongue send me to the edge in record time, and I come hard into his mouth. He licks and sucks through my orgasm, extending it for longer than I thought possible.

As it dissipates, he kisses up my body, tugging off his pants in the process. He pulls a condom out of his pocket then unceremoniously throws his pants to the floor. Rolling onto his back, he sheathes his hard cock and pulls me on top to straddle him. His preparedness tonight makes me wonder if last night he was as caught up in our insane chemistry as I was.

The thought completely disappears as he slams me down onto him. I cry out and he covers my mouth with his hand to muffle the sound. I circle my hips, moving my hands to his muscular chest as I ride him. His hands come to my breasts, pulling at my nipples before he pulls me down to suck them into his mouth. He grabs my hips as he bites and sucks my breasts and pounds up into me, hitting that sweet spot over and over. I bite my lip to stop myself from screaming out.

“Oh god... I'm so close.” I try to keep my voice down.

“Me too bambino. Come for me Bella.” His sexy husky voice in that thick Italian accent is my undoing. I cover my mouth with my hands to muffle my screams as I'm sent over the edge. He follows soon after, pounding hard into me, milking every last drop as he spurts his warm liquid into the condom.

I collapse on top of him, spent and sated. He wraps his arms around me as we both gasp for breath. As my breathing returns to semi normal I roll off him and lie on the bed, my legs numb and my body shaking. Marco slides off the bed and walks to the bathroom to dispose of the condom. When he returns I watch as he slips on his pants. He pulls the blankets up over me, and kisses me sweetly on the lips. Then he leaves.

I'm left alone with my thoughts once again. Not knowing what this means, what this was. Am I just a toy to play with while he is in the country? I try my hardest to push the thoughts from my mind and will myself to sleep. But it never comes.

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