Escaping the curse

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“That's Marco?” Her voice is just above a whisper as she watches him standing in the pool, water dripping down his impressive pectoral muscles. She whistles low. “Damn... I wouldn't kick him out if he snuck into my bed either.”

I can't help but laugh.

Marco looks over and sees us for the first time. A smile slowly making its way across his lips. He winks at me, making my heart beat faster and cheeks blush. Damn him for being so hot. Natalie grabs my shoulders and I look at her.

“Sorry, didn't want you to fall and hit your head from swooning.” She says. I slap her arm, making her laugh. “And... hot stuff is walking over here.” She says.

My eyes go wide, making Natalie giggle. I look over to Marco cautiously, as he walks towards us, his chiselled abs dripping with pool water.

“My Aussie Belle...” he says in that sexy Italian accent. He pulls me into a hug, making me giggle nervously.

“Marco, you're all wet!” I exclaim as I try to squirm out of his arms. He leans in and whispers in my ear, his warm breath on my neck sending goosebumps down my arms.

“If I remember correctly, you were always wet around me.” I gasp and push him away.

“Marco!” I scold, looking around to see if anyone other than Natalie heard him. He lets out a deep chuckle then turns towards Natalie, extending his hand.

“I'm Marco.” He says. Natalie takes his hand, blushing profusely and I stifle a giggle.

“Natalie.” She says with a smile. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Luca clench his jaw at Natalie's reaction to Marco. I turn to look at him, raising an eyebrow and giving him a slight smirk. He looks away quickly, realizing he'd been caught.

Natalie and Luca have been dancing around each other for almost a year now. They flirt and I know they both like each other, but neither seem to want to make the first move. I know in Natalie's case, despite appearing confident, she's extremely self-conscious. Natalie is gorgeous but doesn't know it. She has a perfect hourglass figure, an ass and boobs most women would kill for, plus her long blonde hair and stunning green eyes draw you in. Unfortunately, all she sees is that she isn't stick thin. I honestly wish she could see how gorgeous she is. But I don't know why Luca hasn't made a move.

I look back over to Marco and Natalie, who has managed to compose herself.

“So when did you get in?” I ask, ignoring my racing heart. Marco gives me that panty dropping smile.

“Just this morning, it was a last minute visit.” He says. We walk towards the pool, Marco placing his hand on the small of my back, sending a delicious shiver up my spine. We walk over to one of the tables and place our towels down. Marco takes the wine bottle out of Natalie's hands. “Allow me.” He says. He opens the bottle and pours us each a glass before handing them to us. We take the glasses from him and make our way to the pool, carefully sliding in.

Natalie hands me her glass as she climbs onto the double lilo, she grabs them off me and I pull myself up. This has been a bit of a routine for us since the weather warmed up. Laying on the large lilo, chatting and drinking wine while floating around the pool. We lay back and sip our wine.

“You should definitely hit that again.” Natalie says. I look at her wide eyed. When I first told her about Marco she called him an asshole, a prick and a player. In the one sentence! She giggles at my expression. “I'm just saying, have some fun... just... don't give him your heart... he will definitely break it.” She continues.

I sneak a glance over at Marco and bite my lip, memories of those steamy nights flooding my mind. I look back to Natalie.

“You think I should?” I ask and she smiles.

“He's a complete player, but you know the game. Why not enjoy him while he's here?” I think about what she said, sneaking a quick glance his way.

“Ok... but I'm not going to him.” I say and Natalie giggles.

“Good! But he will definitely come to you... he hasn't taken his eyes off you.” She says and I blush.

“Speaking of someone not taking their eyes off someone…” I glance in Luca's direction whose chatting with Marco at the side of the pool. I look back at Natalie with a smirk, causing her to blush

“He is not.” Her voice is low and defeated.

“It's obvious you both like each other.” I say with a sigh. She shrugs her shoulders.

“I don't know... we flirt, yeah, but I don't think he looks at me that way.” She says. I shake my head. We've had this conversation so many times, she just can't see that someone like Luca would want her. I hope he makes a move soon, shows her she's worth a lot more than she thinks. I look back over to Luca and Marco who are glancing at us and grinning mischievously. My eyes widen as I realize they're scheming and I call out.

“Don't you dare!” They both dive under the water and Natalie and I paddle furiously, one handed, our wine glasses in the other. It's no use. I feel the lilo flip up from behind me as we both go flying off. I sink under, wine glass still in hand, the contents mixing with the pool water and come up coughing. Natalie pops her head up to my left, her hand raised above her head, wine still in the glass.

“Haha fuckers! I saved my wine.” I burst out laughing at her gloating, only to see her pulled under, wine glass and all and come up spluttering with a laughing Luca beside her. And now... it's war.


We have a BBQ dinner by the pool and continue to drink and swim until the sunsets. Natalie and I head upstairs, Natalie to the guest room that's basically hers, to shower. I walk into my bedroom ensuite and turn on the shower, stripping out of my wet bikini, I slip under the water stream, allowing it to flow over my body. I don't hear the bedroom or bathroom door, it's only when the shower door opens that I'm aware of his presence. Marco steps in behind me, pressing hard up against my back, allowing me to feel his stiff cock. His hands rest on my hips as he moves his mouth towards my ear.

“I missed you bambino... I thought about you a lot the past 18 months.” He whispers. He places soft kisses down my neck, weakening my knees and sending electrical impulses straight to my core.

“Really?” I ask. My voice comes out breathier than I'd like.

“Mhmm.” He runs his nose up my neck, followed by his tongue. “The way you smell... the way you taste... the feel of you under my hands, in my arms...” Oh... that accent... it should be illegal for someone to be so damn sexy. His hands travel up my waist and over my breasts, squeezing them softly. He's much gentler than he was last time, dare I say, much more caring. I push my chest into his hands, my hardened nipples screaming to be touched.

“Mmm so responsive…” He growls in my ear before spinning me around and crashing his lips onto mine. His hands caress my body, over my back, down to my ass where he squeezes before moving around to my hips. He slides a hand between my legs, gently stroking between my folds. He pulls out of the kiss. “So wet for me bambino.”

He kisses me hard, before pulling away and spinning me back around. My head is spinning, my heart beating out of my chest, I'm so turned on I feel like I could explode. He pushes on my upper back, bending me over and I place my hands on the cold tile walls to brace myself. I feel him run the tip of his cock up my slit, teasing my clit for a moment before moving to my opening. He wastes no time, thrusting hard into me, grabbing my mouth at the same time to muffle my scream.

Holy crap... he's bigger than I remember. He thrusts hard and fast into me, showing absolutely no mercy. His hand stays on my mouth, muffling my screams of ecstasy. It doesn't take long for my orgasm to build, my legs start to shake and Marco moves his free arm around my stomach to keep me from crumbling to the floor. I can feel my muscles clenching around him, he groans loudly, bending over my back to nibble of my neck. I feel his breath on my neck, just below my ear as he whispers to me

“Cum for me bambino.” That's all it takes. His sexy Italian accent and husky voice sending me into oblivion. He thrusts through my orgasm, making it longer than I'd ever experienced before pulling out and shooting his load all over my back. I stay bent over, bracing the wall as I catch my breath, Marcos arms still around me as he pants heavily into my back. As my breathing starts to return to normal, he helps me stand upright and gently turns me to face him. He kisses me softly, a stark contrast to the wild and merciless man from before.

As he pulls away from the kiss, I expect him to leave. Instead he picks up my body wash and pours it into his hand. He rubs his hands together, forming a lather, then gently washes my body. My head is spinning. I wasn't expecting this. He caresses every inch of my naked body, washing me thoroughly, before moving to my hair. I can't help but moan as he massages my scalp.

“Good bambino?” he asks. I moan out a yes, making him chuckle. He moves me into the water to rinse the shampoo out. When it's rinsed I take the opportunity to wash his body, looking into his lust filled eyes as I do so. We rinse off and Marco turns off the shower.

He steps out and grabs a towel, wrapping it around my body. He grabs one for himself, drying off quickly then getting dressed. I can't help but scan my eyes down his delicious body as he does so. He's mesmerizing. I hear him chuckle and I flick my eyes up to his. He smirks, making me blush, then steps towards me, pulling me into a searing kiss. He pulls away, smacks my ass, then leaves. My head is spinning…

To say I'm confused by his actions is an understatement. His quick changes from sweet to rough... I honestly don't know what to think. I quickly dry off and get dressed then walk out into my bedroom. I freeze when I see Luca sitting on my bed. He looks at me with an unreadable expression.

“We need to talk.”

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