I Can Make You Love Me

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A women from your childhood comes back into your life. She has been going through alot in life and now you want to take over the burden of being their for her but she dont want you to because you feel for her more than she does for you. Still you manage to balance out the secrets she keep hiding from you. Now you have to decide if its worth being together.

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Chapter 1

It was a ordinary night as I hit the bar after work with my best friend. I needed to have a drink since he claim I was so rap up in my work I was missing out on life. I mean I was single so I didnt see no problem in putting myself into work after being so close to a promotion. This bar we went to was popular for Friday night links if you wanted to take a fling home. My best friend Dre he always was always in there every Friday. And no harm done because I use to be till I found a women who cheated on me for her co workers she was sleeping with. And all the while they were fucking behind my back up is the reason now I pushing for a divorce. Wearing one my best suits Dre stood by me at the bar macking to the lady next to him in a short dress with gold caps in her mouth. I told the bartender to fix my usual a straight double shot of crown. As I took a shot I felt a women grab my ass so I quickly spun around.

“Well surprise to me you still come out here. You still hanging out with that fucked up friend of yours” she said eyeballing Dre.

Dre overheard turned to me and jumped in the conversation. He was more annoyed she was here more than me. I could feel the bad energy spreading around the room. Everytime they got in the same room they argued. I wasn’t in the mood for it this evening but I let it go on.

“Aint nobody like you need friends if you step out on your the person that suppose to be your best friend. Anyways who you came with tonight Cruella?”

“A client thank you. I mean you would have some to if you just focus on your work instead of hoes.”

We both glanced at a women walking in coming over to kiss my ex wife Kara on the cheek. We locked eyes before Kara walked off with her. As they walked away I noticed a tattoo on the lady left shoulder reading Sonny. The crazy thing was my old high school crush had the same tattoo. Staring in a daze I watched them walked away before turning back to the bar to finish my drink. I went on Facebook to see if I could tell it was her. Strolling through pictures in Dubai sat Amber in a swimsuit with the same tat on the beach with her back out. Dre attention was on my phone once I zoomed in on the picture to confirm.

“Damn man you know that girl who was with Kara.”

“Yeah man thats my high school crush.”

“Well hook a brother up shit she fine as hell.”

“If I do it wont be for you anyways I’m single remember. But who knows she might be married or got some kids or something.”

I finished up my drinks to head out the door noticing the women again. Me and her locked eyes before I cracked a smile. The crazy thing is women who worked with Kara were actually going through something tragic in life. Kara happen to be a therapist I just hope that Amber and I could cross paths again oneday.

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