I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 10

The lie he gave about us seeing each other anymore made me angry. Like he was so pressed as to getting to know me and spending time now it was like a nightmare. Sitting in my clothes from yesterday someone knocked at the door thinking it was him to apologized I opened the door to trouble. Yes it was Qua my best friend from back home in her sun dress and Gucci shades she stolen last time. She was apart of the clique in high school off the cheerleading squad to. Still Qua was the life of the party sometimes her mouth got her into drama she couldnt get out. Recently having a child she supposedly changed I just hope this little vacation has made her turn her life around. I wasnt there when she gave birth with my life being as tragic as it was. Still, as my friend she understood that. I just hope she had grown into a good mother.

Standing at the door with her luggage she bent down hugging me tightly till I couldnt breathe. Even though her height made it all the more crazy because she was 6 foot. Everybody says she look like Lisa Leslie and I was put in the mind of Stacey Dash. One thing for sure I didnt have Staceys mindset and way more money. Qua smiled as I did the same before I let her inside. I examined her arms to notice she didnt have the baby with her instead just luggage. The moment she entered she started acting like a kid in a candy store touching all the architect. Asking me question after question about the condo. After I sat on the couch she turned to me as I felt myself become sadden.

“Ummm Amber what is it I know that face. You use to do that same face when you were going through something.”

She pulled some liquor in a mason jar out her luggage. If anything Qua know I had a love for the home flavored moonshine. We grew up off the same hardened liquor so it gave me home vibes. I took a sip and so did she before you knew it we had ordered pizza and was lit reminiscing on old times. Before I got to asking about her baby she showed me pictures and told me recently her child was taken from her with the courts claiming she was an unfit mother after her misdemeanor. Qua shook it off as though it was nothing though. Making up excuses I zoned out through her lies. Until she started wilding in my business as to what she saw on the news or heard. My truth had to be shared with my best friend or she’d go home spreading lies. Thats why some I had to keep to myself just in case. She took the last slice of pizza before pulling the peppers off out the pizza box. Licking her index finger as a little bit of sauce got on her gel nails. I fixed my ponytail in a high ponytail. Suddenly grabbing a pillow off the couch placing it in between my thighs as I kriss crossed my legs.

“Soooo since I been here I’ve been seeing someone. Now dont wild out its not the guy from the island. It actually someone you and I know from school.”

Qua stood up to stretch off the couch. I know the liqour was kicking our asses because she only named everyone she thought was cute. I just told her to forget about it because I was trying to forget myself. To heal my sorrows she purposed we got to the club since I havent partied yet.

We caught an uber before heading to the club. Inside the club we got lit and turned up with a vip section just for us both sharing a bottle of Rose. We had a few security guys around before asked them to back off a little bit during our night. After excusing herself to the restroom she came back smiling telling me her male friend would be over with his co worker in a few minutes. Sounding like a set up I applied my makeup to my face and lips when I closed my mini mirror there stood Dre once again.

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