I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 11

My son was finally home after a few days of being held in a pediatric unit. Kara and I were rotating shifts so I took some time off and my boss understood. As for Kara she didn't have that opportunity because her life revolved around people have issue going on in their lifes everyday. Mainly ones that they had no control over without her help.

I was working out in my yard boxing on my punching bag when Dre came through my backgate. Usually we’d work out together but after reaching out and me ignoring he came through unannounced. I hit the bag with three hook combinations as I bounced around the concrete like a national boxer. He put on the spotting mits as I followed his lead. Dre began speaking asking how my son was. Informing him of his condition I threw a quick jab when he almost touched my left shoulder. I got quiet and kept working out when he asked if I wanted to settle this tension like men. I agreed because the street part of me still was there.

Placing a glove on his left hand and right with the proper garment we touched gloves like boxers do at the beginning of a match. Quickly inserting our mouth guards in. After a hard punch to the chest I dropped to the ground.

“Mane you feel like that hu? Ight bet lets get it I cooced.”

Before he could throw a hit I got him in a corner of my backyard tagging his face. Hitting the ground I back up giving him room while apologizing.

He asked

“You really hit me in the face like that bro I thought we were like brothers. Know what now that you aint with Amber no more I might have to have her for myself.”

I grabbed him pinning him against the fence as blood ozzed from the side of his mouth. I felt used to know he went behind my back and did that to me. And she was wrong to even attempt to fix her mouth to tell him about us.

“Know what get the fuck outta here. You aint no friend or brother of mines to do some fucked up shit like that. You broke the bro code aint no going back from here. So know next time its on sight my nigga!!!”

I took my gloves off and headed inside my crib angrily slamming my backdoor. My phone sat on the kitchen counter as I grabbed it going through her Instagram. Her pictures were beautiful as always still I was angry at myself for really thinking my son accident had anything to do with me and her. Amber didnt deserve me lying the way I did I thought as I grabbed my shirt and keys headed to the hospital for my shift of watching him.

During my return my body became short winded when I saw Kara boy toy giving my son a stuffed spiderman. The man even gave him a hug and he did the same in exchange. I opened the door for everyone to focus their attention on me as my son tried to get out the stiff hospital bed. Some reason my focus was on the man who ruined my marriage. He just couldnt stay away from my ex or son I was furious. Kara got in front of me and pushed me back out the door as tear built up in my son eyes begging for me. I saw the caste on his arm as it came from out the sheet that was on his small body. Her hands closed the room slide doors as I felt mines tremble.

“Please dont do this Ray he loves him as much as we do.”

“The fuck you mean he loves him. Wait hold up have yall been doing family functions with this man without my consent.”

Her red nails reached her face as she tried to search for a reason. I knew deep inside that it was about to get ugly as he came to the door. He stood beside her and I asked her again with her response.

“Yessss Ray.”

With everything in me I suckered punched him in the face. Kara yelling for me to stop when a male nurse on the unit came to break it up. Without any luck I still got through and continue punching him in the ribs as he layed on the floor. Two police officers ran over to carry me out before they handcuffed me. Leading my out the hospital thrusting me into the car with security at the desk when I entered returning to the building. I kicked the cop door as they slammed it when I felt my world coming crashing down. Followed by them getting inside the driver and passenger seats. I tried to calm down but reacted again by trying to kick the door when an officer turned to warn me in his seat with flashing his taser. I straighten up thinking about how my son might not manage to see me anymore. I knew Kara would not let it happen I just had to think positive right now. I stared out the window enjoying my last breathes of freedom wondering when I'd be a free man again.

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