I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 12

I was finish with work for the week and I was going to my hometown in order to celebrate my brothers death with my loved ones. Recently with my last meeting with Kara she told me I had to face my fears and get over what happened to him if I wanted to move on. Qua convince me while packing to call Dre and his friend Greg to come. After the last interaction in the club it crazy that Dre had a thing for me. But I wasn't interested and I wanted Ray more than anything. He did me so wrong still who was I to come between a man and his family. The plane was beautiful as we sat in first class Qua sat by Greg and my seat next to Dre were side by side. I sat near the window looking out when Qua tapped me making me look back at her through the small space across my shoulder.

“Bitch ummm you see that fine nigga beside you? You better get over the old nigga and get up on that. Plus he likes you!!!”

I sucked my teeth to feel him looking at me in curiousity for my reaction.

“Excuse me Amber is something wrong?”

“No I’m good" I lied playing it off.

I got up to walk to the bar as he followed me. He was sweet compared to how we first met but there was something about him I couldn't place. Dre was dark chocolate with long black dreads that matched his piercing eyes. His eyes were so glazed that he look like he was so sent from heaven. And the body was nice just like Speedy but not as built. He told the bartender to take a break and he would take over. I watched in amazement as he made my drink picking up shakers and bottles. He asked what I wanted to drink when I told him a sour amaretto. After mixing the drink he told me to try it. I tasted it and to my surprise it was better than the bartenders from earlier. I sipped and he grabbed a Heniken and we made a toast. After a sip or two we heard on the overhead speaker Marvin Gaye Got To Give It Up. I noticed Qua and Greg dancing as we laughed in response. Feeling a little tipsy Dre asked me for a dance. I played in my mind how to get out of not dancing before he picked me up and started swinging me around. His hands wrapped around my waist as he singed to me. His voice was so sweet he could melt a women draws off. When the song ended he continued on repeating the choirs in a sweet melody. We all clapped as he took a bow and went to the bar as Greg and Qua went to sit back down. I was so tired I went to lay in the mini bed near the back of the plan leading Dre by the hand. We reached the bed with him being hesitant stopping in hi tracks. I let his hand go before asking him would he join me. Quickly he sat beside me and we talked.

"Look Amber now you feeling right let me massage you down. I swear I'll be a gentlemen I just want to relax you and listen to you."

Comfortably I layed on the bed as he maassaged the hell out of body from head to toe. When he got to my lower back my phone ringed in my back pocket. Sitting up as I told Dre to stop as he took his hands off me to give me space I placed the phone closer to my ear.

"You have a collect call from Ray Chambers said the operator."

I accept the call as Dre walked out closing the room door. Before Ray could say a word the phone lost service. I waited for him to call back but no call came throughout the plane ride. I fell asleep awaiting the phone call still no response once I
awoke to the the plane hitting the ground.

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