I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 13

I was felt the tussling of officers trying to carry me. I being throwed back in a cell by two male cops. In my mind I replayed what happen before I blacked out. I fought with all my might to try to remain calm. I had called Amber knowing I could depend on her at this time. In turn only to be mad for reaching out because I swore I overheard her tell some nigga to stop whatever the fuck he was doing. I was so heated because I didnt ever disrespect her like that losing it I smacked the phone up against the wall alerting the officers and other jail birds who wanted to use the phone. As they closed the gate I sat on the bench in the cell I was in contemplating about life. I shouldve thought about how I was going to continue living here in LA. The guard bout a few hours later told me that I was being released confused I walked to the last gate entered before giving them my property. Reaching out with a clip board the officer handed me a pen telling me where to sign. After I asked who signed me out they told me a male by the name of Kurtis. But I only knew him as West which was his last name.

Walking outside my father best friend stood smoking a cigarette on the stope before he chuckled shaking his head. I was embarrassed because he was my emergency contact and everything, I loved him as though he was my own. My foster parents and I treated him like family. Its crazy seeing him in LA instead of New York. He pimped off walking to head to his rental car asking me for directions to my place. The car ride was quiet even though I know he was waiting to get in my ass. When he came to my driveway he told me to go pack and get ready to go to New York. Confused he pointed to the date on the dash. I fought to hold myself together. Today was the day Sonny died staring at the date I reflect on the past. Usually around this time West would come to LA we'd kick it for a day and than we was off the New York. I sulked in my seat kept reflecting on my first time meeting Sonny.

In school when I played football Sonny oneday was outside the gate staring as I was coming out of the gates to go home. I thought I was the last person to wait on my ride since my parents worked 24 7. Having two hours to spare I asked him if he needed something after he waited for a while and he mentioned that he was waiting on Amber off the cheerleading team. Rushing back onto the field I went under the bleachers to get Amber who was with Chez. Startling them they were making out I saw she rushed to cover her boobs.

"Damn man knock for once motherfucker I was bout to smash my ole lady nigga."

Backing up he put his shirt on following me out the bleachers. I was afraid he wanted to fight me so I kept going ignoring him. He caught up to me before he got in my face. Sonny rushed over to help when he noticed Amber in the middle trying to break it up slinging her bag over he shoulder.

"Man yall chill out because if yall hit my sister somebody getting they ass tap. Amber come on lets go and you come on to my nigga I'll give you a ride because you did me a solid."

I followed along once we got into the car Amber apologized to me for Chez actions. Shortly after me and Sonny got cool he'd give me rides home until my senior year. We'd even chill and roll up to smoke some weed together. I saved up enough to buy myself a car it became my duty to bring Amber home. After Amber chose to go to a dance with me so Chez thought it was me she was after. The homecoming game came that following week only for me to fall behind on my classes from working trying to pay my graduation stuff. Coach found out so that game I was excused. When I got to the field after the game the police was there carrying a body. I got out to find out what happen only to find out Sonny was killed with no Amber in sight.

I head inside to pack my bag jumping back into West rental car. He gave some words of comfort to cheer me up. Alarming me of some of my foster brothers and sisters who'll be there I haven't seen in ages. This weekend was the gathering for Sonny death I just wanted to go and show my support. I didn't give a fuck about Amber or her boy toy who could possibly be Dre. Either way she moved on quick knowing we didn't even start yet.

Landing in New York I was tired from the fucked up day I had. I told West I'll see him at the event this weekend. I check into my room only to be told that all the rooms where booked. Suddenly a crowd of people started coming in as we all looked to the door. And their stood Amber with her shades on smiling with a women along the side of her approaching the desk. The front desk receptionist apologized for no rooms being available because Amber booked them all for her crew. Her manager came through after and walked to me speaking like I work for them.

"Thank god we got you here to drive hey listen if its not to much can you aleast make sure you take good care of her this weekend. I will be heading back to LA here is the itenary for her please don't be late."

She gave them to me before Amber took her shades off walking over to her manager. While taking everything out my hand in annoyance.

"He's not working for me anymore plus I don't even know why he's here."

Her eyes roamed my body like I disguised her. I picked up my bag from beside my leg and turned to walked out but stopped by the door to tell her how I feel.

"O really because last I checked you haven't been home in ages. Every year I come to pay my respect to him for all he done for me so fuck off. And lady know I am not working I dont want to work for a stuck up arrogant asshole like her anyways!"

Her manager ran after me as I got into a taxi. Before pulling off she held the door before I could close it. I was unsure of how to react so I listened.

"Look Mr. she really needs a bodyguard like I'll pay you whatever. Like shes in a state of being paranoid because her brother killer is still out there. I mean its more than a weekend for her its a breaking point. I know I can hire someone else but I want her to feel normal as well as comfortable. Look to start you off I'll give you a room, money, and whatever rental you like. Everything is on me deal?"


I replied getting out the taxi to go back inside. Thinking to myself this was gone be a long weekend.

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