I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 14

I reached my room door suite before telling Qua I'll talk to her later. She had her own room and I had mines even though mines was bigger. I had the pent house suit with the knowledge of my guard staying in the other part my suite. My attitude was on 100 everytime I thought of Ray ignorant ass. How can someone get mad at me living my life on the road. I dealt with shit my own way and nobody was going to make me feel bad for it. I kicked off my shoes to head into the bathroom to shower. I cut on my 90s rnb jams playing off my Iphone X from apple music before stepping into the shower. I took my time to wash every part of my body delicately with the intent to make sure I was shaved up in case I invited Dre back up to me room. On the plane ride I did do him dirty though but that was my fault for fucking with Ray. After what he said to me in the lobby tonight I was taking a chance on Dre.

I got out to lather myself up searching through my wardrobe that was dropped off by the stylist. After finding me something nice to put on that would catch Dre attention. I knew I needed that body rub he was about to give me earlier. The dress I choose was a dinner feel with my back out showing all my nerves. When it got to my ass let me tell you my body was curvy my ass was like a apple a nigga wanted a bite of. After putting on my red bottoms I headed to the bar downstairs to run into Dre at the hotel bar cracking jokes with the ladies who worked for me. Except one strange woman was sitting on his lap interlocking lips with him. I was so embarassed I headed back to my room. Waiting for the elevator to touch the ground he tried to catch up to reason what I seen by convincing me. Dre jumped on with me once the elevator door opened. Pushing the button for the top floor I put in the code in as I began speaking my peace.

"Look please dont do this Dre you don't have to tell me anything I know what I seen okay."

Dre body language became nonchalant before he cursed me out speaking on my dead brother that Speedy and I spoke so much on. In shock I began crying my ptsd had kick in.

The door to my suite open and their stood Ray coming out the bodyguard bedroom with his back to me. Startling him by crying I began shaking getting upset. I couldnt control my emotions they made me flip out. Dre closed the elevator door when he seen Ray when they both looked at each other. As Ray freaked sitting me down on the couch. He started whipping my tears asking me whats wrong. Ignoring him my eyes wandered to the floor. Ray took a deep breath before confronting me once again and I felt myself brawling harder. I felt some kind of way after thinking to myself how people thought of me including my brothers death weighing on me.

"Please just get my meds out my bag Ray."

Ray took off running to the bedroom as I listened to him going through my stuff from a distance. Within minutes he was back before grabbing a bottle of water out the fridge in the kitchen. Quickly he gave me the meds as I struggled to swallow them.

I awoke to being in my bedroom with the smell of blueberry pancakes. Trying to sit up I couldnt because I was to weak after my episode with no clothes on just under clothing. I covered my face when the door opened with Qua bringing me food in. Ray sitting in a chair next to the other side of the bed watching me. Suddenly I heard her and Ray speaking about me as though I wasnt awake.

"Damn you cook an ass of food and she don't even eat nothing on there but the blueberries pancakes."

"Say what? Come again Speedy but my girl eats all of this just in portions okay."

I laughed at them both causing myself to feel the pain of my headache. I swear aint nothing changed about them. They looked at me before cracking up to. Qua put the tray down so I could see before agreeing with Ray I didnt eat nothing but pancakes. Qua began questioning me.

"So bitch the days I were at your crib that big breakfast was for only me?"

Nodding my head she put the plate down and walked out. I was glad to have my sanity back for once. Still I felt bad for letting Ray in on what my personal life consist of now. In my head it was time for me to talk with Qua about getting Dre out of here. My eyes became set on Ray as he cracked a smile letting me know we were good now. Slowly he took a bacon off my plate before walking out letting me know he would handle Dre. Now that was one last problem I had to deal with. Still I'd have to go to mother house to face my fake as family along the side of my moms.

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