I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 15

I waited all night to see how Amber would wake up to respond to her lashing out last night. Its was something that was so familiar about it I recognize that West use to do when I was growing up. It wasn’t like it pushed me away from her but made me care more for her. Knowing I had something to do about it I took matters into my own hand. Walking out Amber bedroom I was headed to go down to head to Qua suite. Knowing Dre he was the last person I wanted to see right now even though we weren’t on good terms. When she opened the door she whispered to tell me that his room was three door down. Qua was spying on him after I got Amber phone last night to text Qua that Dre possibly was Amber trigger. It was the only way to know something you had to ask. I had known he was still there after coming in a quarter to 2 this morning. I reevaluated to know it was around the time Amber came inside for me to notice him shortly after closing the elevator door quickly.

I approached the door listening for him to on the phone talking with a female he had on loud speaker. The lady was saying they had a deal that he failed on his behalf. Now he had no choice other than to fix the problem. Ignoring that I acted like the housekeeper as I heard him get off the phone. When he walked to the door he cracked it and I pushed my way in. Walking inside I noticed cocaine and money sitting on the table as well. He squared up in a stance for me to make a move. Raising my hand in surrender I just spoke my peace before telling him to stay away from her. Letting him know our beef was squashed in my eyes. I was only there for her since I was working for her this weekend. He went over to the table to take a sniff of powder up both his nostrils.

“Man look I’m only gone tell you this once. If you think Amber into you than you tripping she only mad because I had another shorty last night. Anyways you can keep that crazy physco bitch.”

I walked out his room as he rushed to close the door behind me. Now I was downstairs waiting for Amber to get herself together based on the mangers itinerary today was her family gathering. I sat in the lounge chair when a women came to sit across from me. She was beautiful with long wavy hair carry a labeled purse and pumps. It wasn’t unordinary for a woman to approach me still I was amazed at this one though. She tossed her left leg across the other one showing she had no underwear on. My member started to rise when she caught me staring before I tried to play it off.

“Ummm excuse me but can I help you?”

“No mam I apologized for staring so hard.”

“Well if thats the case why dont you speak first next time.”

“Well I dont want to be a rude not knowing if your here with someone or anything. I mean come on this is a hotel aside from the long business trips aspect of it.”

The lady handed me a card before walking out with her name and number on it.

“Well lets get me acquainted since were both so familiar with a hotel.”

Dribbling in my mouth over her ass I stared till I couldn’t see her anymore. Before I focused on the name before Amber walked up clearing her throat alerting me she was ready.

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